Not having any time or poor time management is the number 1 reason I get from women for being unable to workout or stick to a workout program. I always say that most women who need to lose weight aren’t lazy, they just don’t have the energy for it. What it really comes down to is that they don’t set their priorities to include self-care.

In order to have good time management, you have to know where you’re prioritising your time.

If I have to convince you that self-care is extremely worth prioritising then you need to go think about it before continuing here. If you understand how important taking care of your personal health is for your family, mental health, career, etc. I’m going to make the steps very clear for you below.

Here’s the thing… while you’re performing these steps, or maybe just while reading them over, you’re going to say “it’s just not that simple. I have (insert any number of excuses/reasons here)”. Guess what… IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

I understand that many things seem important and it’s extremely easy to get caught in this world wind needing to do an exhausting amount of things that don’t really pertain to your benefit.

I also understand that down the road, you’re going to look back and say “I wish I did more for myself.” I see this same story all the time from clients, especially the women.

So… Just like in my weight loss program, Find Your Energy, we will first go through an exercise to discover where they really want their priorities to lie and then adjust their timetables accordingly.

Step 1 : Clearly define your personal values and priorities.

Take some time to dig deep and answer these questions ON PAPER…
1) What activity brings you the most joy? Where you are most happiest, satisfied and fulfilled.
2) What brings you the most sadness? Where you feel drained and unenthusiastic.
3) What type of person do you want to be?
4) How do you want to treat other people?
5) How do you want to treat yourself? Please realise, you have to treat yourself as well, if not better, than you treat others.
6) Name the top 5 priorities (1 has to be self-care) that you will focus most of your time on. Health, family, career, etc.
7) Name 3 things you currently do, that do not really benefit your priorities. Usually things you have somehow started doing for others but they can actually manage to do themselves. Something you may have got caught up in that, if you really think about it, serves no purpose to your life goals.
8) Name 3 things you currently do, that someone else can help you accomplish. Can the kids start doing their own laundry? If you cook dinner, can the husband clean the kitchen? Will hiring a cleaner once a week help you find that extra time?
9) What do you wish you had more time to do?
10) How can better mental, emotional and physical health / fulfilment benefit you and the people around you?

Step 2: Take a time audit

Draw out a quick weekly timetable listing Monday to Sunday on the top and the times by the hour on the left. I do this on excel to save time and I update it as life changes. Write down your current weekly schedule as accurately as possible. Don’t forget little things like social media time, cooking and eating time, travel time, etc.

Step 3: Point out where you are doing the things you answered in questions 6, 7 and 8. 

How much time do you spend on the priorities that really matter and how much time could you gain and add in more of the priorities by removing things from 7 and 8?

Step 4: Redo your new calendar.

Take a fresh sheet of paper and create the same blank calendar like in step 2. Now take the time remove and add in the changes from your old calendar. Don’t forget to add in the essentials like, adequate sleep, meals, downtime, exercise, etc.

There you go. A solution for your time management problem. It’s as simple as clearing your plate to add in what you need. Getting started on a weight loss program is not as intimidating as most women think. You do not need hours a day to cook and workout to get results and I hate that the industry has convinced, and as a result discouraged, so many women that its necessary.

That’s why I created my 8 week customised weight loss program, Find Your Energy, that teaches women a system that they can use forever to increase their energy, boost their metabolism and sustain weight loss results. Busy women do not need a fitness competitors schedule, they need the most efficient program that lets them do the other important things in life.

Realise that you don’t have to sacrifice your health and wellbeing to pay attention to other priorities. There’s always a solution and self-care is ALWAYS worthwhile. 

Cari Li
p.s. Find Your Energy is now open for enrollment until Friday, June 30th at midnight (GMT +8)/ Noon EST. I am only taking 20 women MAX and am willing to only work with the women who are serious about committing to life-long change. Click here for more information and to register.

Author: Cari Li
The Co-Founder of The Good Curves and Owner of,  an online Lifestyle Coaching company focused in women’s fat loss solutions. She has a huge passion for enabling women to find ways to live their happiest and healthiest life through simple lifestyle changes. Her love for travel has allowed her to gain a special perspective on life that she enjoys sharing with the many women she meets along the way as she strives to improve the lives of women everywhere. 

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