About TGC


untitled-design-2The Good Curves is a community founded by Cari Li and Cassy Dawn, two women who are passionate about enlightening women on their personal strengths which can so often be overlooked or shrouded. They started this community to provide support to women of all backgrounds to let them know that no one else can set their value for them and that they are not alone with their struggles.

The Good Curves is a safe space where women can be open about their strengths and weaknesses so that we can all help each other grow collectively. In a world where society has created a culture for women to compete against each other, we will create our own society where we stand together to be the best we can be!

On this site, you will find encouragement from many walks of life and information that will benefit you in many ways. If you resonate with anything, please share it with your girlfriends so that we may all benefit from it.

Should you have any questions or want to contribute to The Good Curves, feel free to email us at contact@TheGoodCurves.com

Meet Cari Li…
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Hi Beautiful,
I’m Cari Li, originally born in Singapore to a Caucasian-American father and a Chinese-Singaporean mother. I was raised mostly in Singapore and spent most weekends on the ocean around the surrounding island of Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. I moved to the Akron, Ohio at the age of 16 where I attended high school for a short time before attending The University of Akron for International Business.

After 4 years of college at the age of 21, I was able to live in a few different countries around the world for months at a time, submerging myself into their culture for the next few years. This is when I also found interest in weightlifting and decided to go from gymnastics coach to personal trainer.

Fast forward 7 years in the fitness industry, I am now an Online Women’s Lifestyle Coach working with clients on multiple continents at www.CoachCariLi.com . I have a mission to provide women with the means to independently attain better health and vitality so they can conquer the world.

After going through a verbally abusive and emotionally manipulative 6 year relationship and being selectively open about it to my female friends, I realised that there were many women I knew in the same situations who were not speaking out and protecting themselves. I wanted to create a hub and a safe place for women to come and be understood. A place where they know they are not alone in their struggles and can seek help from someone who has been through their experience whether it is abuse, addiction, health complications, etc.

Through the years of being in the fitness industry and working with a number of clients with different backgrounds, you truly learn to see the body as a representation of one’s life and internal situation. I truly believe that you cannot improve one without improving the other. TGC is a way to help promote and educate women around the world to understand how self-respect, physical health and mental health are all intertwined.

I’d love to see TGC have a worldwide reach and break ethnic barriers by openly discussing topics that many are afraid to bring up about ethnic diversity. To spread messages of inspiration and strength from those who have fought for their success in this world so that those in the struggle know it’s possible and that the battles are worth it.

My goal is to grow TGC’s community large enough so that any woman that has a challenge in life can come to us and find someone with a similar story or experience. We want to create a diverse hub of women who are comfortable showing their imperfections and weaknesses while using their strengths to help all of us progress collectively.

Meet Cass Dawn…
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Hey there, gorgeous!
I’m Cass. Born and raised in Ohio. I grew up in a blended home. My parents divorced when I was very young. My mom remarried to the dad who raised me as his own. They have two boys together, my brothers who are two of my best friends. I’m your typical first born, A-type protective sister.
When I was 19, I married the man I’d dated since we were 15. We were married for 6 years. We have a son together who is now 6 1/2. After learning of an affair and attempting to reconcile, we agreed to end our marriage. We work now to focus on what’s best for our son and getting along as best possible for his sake.
Being friends with Cari for 10 years, we’ve journied this life together. We’ve realized our girl friends who we care so much about, like us, need a place to be welcomed, respected, accepted, encouraged, and safe. We wanted to create that diverse place. To remind women everywhere that they are not alone. That they can face their struggles head on. And that we are here to help.
I’m so excited to see The Good Curves become a place where women not only come themselves, but bring along their friends. When they strengthen, their families are stronger. The world will be better when women choose to come together and fight for each other.
Looking forward to fighting with you, loves!