As a personal trainer for over 7 years, with most of my clients being Asian. It surprises me to still find that in 2017, women in Asia are still believing that lifting weights makes them big. Big, as in looking like the Hulk. 

I’ve spent the last two weeks in my home, Singapore, an extremely trendy country that loves having the latest fashion and technology. However, even with the current international fitness trend there are many women who are unaware or have misconceptions about lifting weights. 

During my trip home, I was surprised at how many in my generation came to me personally to clarify misconceptions that somehow they knew didn’t make sense, so here I am clarifying all this for you ladies in Asia. 


Instead, here’s what lifting does for a woman…

  1. It’s more efficient for fat loss than cardio is. I can’t tell you how many times a female client who was an avid jogger came in and measured her body fat only to find out it was much higher than someone’s who only lifts and hardly does cardio (me). 
  2. Wanna be trendy? I don’t think having a body without curves is very trendy anymore. A woman is supposed to have curves! It’s part of her genetic makeup. Hitting the weights accentuates those curves.
  3. It increases bone density. This is especially important for older women because of the increased likelihood of osteoporosis. Pure reliance on your marketed milk powder is not enough, nor is it efficient. Don’t believe you’re being sold to? Here’s an article that highlights a few studies that proves my point —> Does Milk Really Help Bones?
  4. Overall stress relief! If something improves your sleep, gives you more energy, and helps balance out your hormones, why wouldn’t you be jumping on board??? Many have a mindset that needs reversed when it comes to exercise. They think that adding in exercise will be an additional stress on their plate that they cannot handle, when instead they should realise that it enables them to handle more!  

The lifestyle most women in Singapore have now is much more sedentary as compared to before. Resistance training did not have to exist when our daily lives required the movement and lifting of things so stop looking at weights as something totally brand new. It’s not. It’s simply a solution for us to help our bodies do what they need to stay healthy. Because we no longer move baskets of fruit, we move measured iron. 

If you need some help in knowing where to start, enter your name into the wait list for my program, Find Your Energy. It’s an 8-week customised program that gets you started with simple but effective dumbbell workouts that you can do at home, a customised nutrition plan for your lifestyle and body type. I only take on a limited amount of women each time, so my wait list is the first to know when registration opens up (and usually a discount). 

I’d love for you to comment / ask any questions below if you have any concerns about lifting as a woman. I feel there’s much false information out there that needs clarified. 


Cari Li

Author: Cari Li
The Co-Founder of The Good Curves and Owner of,  an online Lifestyle Coaching company focused in women’s fat loss solutions. She has a huge passion for enabling women to find ways to live their happiest and healthiest life through simple lifestyle changes. Her love for travel has allowed her to gain a special perspective on life that she enjoys sharing with the many women she meets along the way as she strives to improve the lives of women everywhere. 

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