Stacey Mei Kelly

TGC Editor


I’m Stacey Mei, born in Colombia, raised in Singapore, educated in Singapore and the United Kingdom, and now living in Fort Worth, Texas. Confused? So am I. I have an undergraduate degree with a double major in Journalism and Public Relations. After a few years in the marketing industry, I went back to school to pursue my dreams – getting a MA in Conservation of Fine Art. What does that mean? Well…basically I take care and fix works of art on paper – including prints, drawings, watercolours etc.

In my spare time, I try to justify my first degree by editing and posting the extremely motivating and positive messages of my friends Cari Li and Cass, co-founders of The Good Curves. 


Bonnie Kathleen Meyer

Blog Contributor

Hello!! I’m very excited to be a part of this wonderful website and working with such wonderful woman. I love to run, do yoga and anything outdoors and am also a passionate health food advocate after seeing the difference it has made in my life.

I was born in Akron, Ohio and graduated with a political science degree from Kent State University under a full scholarship from the Air Force ROTC. The next several years in the military gave me the opportunity to see the world and learn a lot about everything that comes with it -- the good and the bad. After a few years as an account manager in NYC, I landed an Intelligence position with the CIA in Langley, Virginia focusing on counter-terrorism. This is where I suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant again with my son, Ryan, who is now 5. Not too long after Ryan's birth I moved back to Ohio and had my daughter Hailey (now 3) and eventually ended my marriage. Pretty crazy, awesome adventure of a life so far. However, I fought the good fight and I’m still smiling. Life is very unexpected and I’m excited to share those moments and learn from many others.


Chelsea Robertson

Blog Contributor

I'm Chelsea, a librarian-wannabe with an advanced degree I'm currently not using (but hope to!).  I've lived in a variety of places within the U.S., but I love my adopted hometown, Cleveland, for its green spaces, its artists, its industrial roots, and its size (not too big, not too small - just right!). I enjoy games, graphic novels, dance, and comedy.  I love my pet rats, my dog, and my husband, and I'm working on loving myself too.  I think empathy is one of the most important things humans can have for each other, and I want to do my part to boost you up when you're feeling down.  Peace and love to you all!

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Laife Janovyak

Blog Contributor

My name is Laife. I’m a natural born power challenger, and I like to write. I encourage myself to dream with reckless abandon, and I enjoy imagining the details of a future that is inclusive, diverse, and sustainable. Since I actually live in the real world, I try to chip away at the major problems by finding ways to open my mind and help others do the same. I like to think of this as breaking people out of “thought prison.” No matter where we're from, we were all born into a cultural prison of oppression, filled with rigid constructs and false divisions, thus it becomes our life’s work to break free from the limitations imposed by our culture. Of course, we all need help breaking out of our confining thought patterns and prescriptive language; no one can do this completely alone. Sometimes it’s our friends who break us free, sometimes it’s a book we read, but always we are freeing our minds and helping others do the same. That’s why I’m thrilled to be contributing to The Good Curves. TGC is a community that makes room for and supports a variety of perspectives, and I just love that. I hope to pick a few thought locks here, or maybe even stage a large-scale thought prison break with these rad women!