If you’ve read any of my articles or social media posts before, you would know that I’m not one to promote long hours of working out. I preach efficiency and doing the most you can with what you’ve got, even if that’s 15 minutes a day.

A huge reason why people fail at their approach in improved health and fitness is because they have an all or nothing mentality about it. I write more about that in this article. They think that just because they don’t have the time to dedicate an hour here and there that they shouldn’t bother at all with their efforts. I obviously disagree.

Here’s how…

Waking up and getting in 15 -30 minutes of the right type of training in the morning before starting your day may be just what you need to start seeing the difference. If you’re a beginner, you don’t even need weights, but eventually you’re going to want to challenge yourself more as you get stronger.

What’s the right type of training?

15-30 minutes of Rest Based Training (RBT) can get you burning a good amount of calories not just during your workout, but for the rest of the day as well. Metabolic Effect states that “By focusing attention on rest during training, it is possible to reset both mental and physical capacity to achieve more than would be possible without it.”

How does RBT work?

It’s pretty simple really. You pick out a set of exercises, usually ones that use a large portion of your body. For example, squats, pushups, sit ups  and lunges.  You’ll do 12 repetitions of each and as many rounds of this as possible within your set amount of time (15-30min).

Instead of resting after every set or every round like you do in normal interval training, you only rest when you absolutely need to and for as long as you need to so that you can go back to your workout with the same intensity. Everyone is different in their capabilities to push and their time to recover, so why would we hold ourselves to set limits? Go as hard as you can for as long as you can, then rest as much as you need to till you can go at it again.

There you go! Just that simple. Accomplish this a couple times a week and ensure you’re eating well most of the time and you’re going to start seeing results with just15 minutes of exercise a day.

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If you need some ideas for workouts, you can always follow me on social media through the links below, I am always posting workout videos for my RBT workouts.


Cari Li

Author: Cari Li
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