Cari Li got to talk to Judy Arazoza of Grateful Fitness about the importance of midlife fitness, table manners and gratitude!

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Here's a quick summary of the interview:

  • Growing up in Rochester, New York, being the youngest of 8 she talks about her experience with synchronised swimming and gymnastic.
  • Judy shares the sweet story of how her and her husband Eduardo met.
  • How she managed to run a business, keep to workouts and eat well even with 4 kids.
  • How she transitioned from cardio to weight training.
  • The importance for weight training especially for women over 50 to build bone density.
  • Switching to mindful eating and how each woman’s diet is different.
  • Why she decided to leave the competitive lifestyle.
  • How she keeps her priorities in line and embrace “the good curves”
  • She explains her definition of health.
  • Judy talks about how she uses the Panda Planner for her daily gratitude practice.
  • How she starts her day with putting her make-up on for self-care.
  • How she balances out family time and work.
  • How she prioritises self-care even with holding so many roles.
  • The guilt associated with self-care, especially with moms.
  • Explains a key behaviour in all her programs, called EAT IFF, to help with automated portion control.
  • She talks about how table manners can help you lose fat!
  • How to handle cravings.

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