Welcome to The Good Curves first episode! Our month of January 2018 is all about priorities and so here we have our founders Cass and Cari discussing some important points and explaining how to go about using the free Priority Workbook that they've created for you!

We'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences and any additional advice on the topic so chime in!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What happens when priorities match up with purpose.
  • The downside of doing everything or feeling obligated to do everything.
  • How having FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or Shiny Object Syndrome can often pull us away from our purpose and priorities.
  • Cass shares her experience as a single mom and how she prioritises her time so that she can spend quality time with her son.
  • How we can be easily influenced to make decisions that don’t serve us by people we care about because or priorities aren’t defined.
  • Cari explains how she uses her Panda Planner as a tool to not decide things in the heat of the moment and how using her phone to schedule placed her at a disadvantage.
  • How society affects what our priorities are and forces us to make decisions that we don’t want to make.
  • Cass shares her experience of getting married at 19, having a child at 21, and divorced at 24.
  • How your community can ignore you happiness and wants but force what they think is right upon you.
  • How self-worth plays a huge part in determining your priorities and purpose.
  • How the idea of being the “perfect woman” is drilled into us from young is so overwhelming and how being imperfect is better and allows us to find comfort in each other.
  • Why giving up the idea of perfection will bring you closer to your goals.
  • Why some people have to leave home to pursue their dreams and how moving to another city can help with growth.
  • What happens when you stand firm in your decisions.
  • How to use the TGC Priority Workbook that you can download here!
  • Why thinking of the “future you” and defining the “present you” and “past you” is so important for progress.
  • How to clarify your what you need and don’t need to do.
  • The importance of including things you are passionate about in your plans.

I hope you enjoy or first episode! It's definitely a work in progress for us but would love your support in growing this community! Please subscribe and follow us and share this with all your friends so we can carry out the TGC mission of never letting another woman feel like she's alone in her struggle!



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