“Truly powerful women don’t explain why they want respect. They simply don’t engage those who don’t give it to them.”– unknown

The one main element that every woman has is the power of her own independence. Independence breeds strength, courage, and the ability to achieve any desire that we have, and to overcome the fear of anyone telling us that we can’t. Independence is a state of mind that is built inside each one us, but sometimes we women don’t always see that. We struggle to understand what exactly that means and if society will look negatively at us for it.

The answer to that is a both yes and no. There will always be that negative surrounding in your life that you can’t always avoid, but you can always grow stronger from. That is when we women need to stand by each other and look past the negative, toxic voices surrounding us and power through.

Recently I was given the honor of sponsoring a woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a place where a women’s freedom and independence is almost non-existent and the violence and discrimination she faces is almost (if not) an everyday basis. The woman I’am sponsoring, Noella, probably has suffered this kind of life for a long time and thought it what was normal.

I do not know her full story, however, but I do know it is not the life she wants and wants for her children. She, amongst many women from places like the Congo, have never had the Independence or the freedom to do what they wanted or to make a life of their own, and if they tried it usually ended in violence or something much worse.

This time Noella is going to start earning her own Independence by getting an education. She and other women will learn what it takes to earn money, be entrepreneurs and establish the knowledge they would need to make it on their own. Something they never had. This is their freedom and they are going to start feeling what it’s like to own their own independence and see how important it truly is. That is power.

Some of us are lucky to have been granted the knowledge of our own independence at a young age, most likely because of who was around us showing us that path; or maybe some of us had to learn later in situations that showed us how important that freedom truly is; and there are still some of us out there still trying to grasp the concept and may not yet know the path to follow. Independence is all a part of individual’s state of mind, whether its learned early in life or later on.

Power of Independence for women. Strong words that can also be the most rewarding in life. Women and young girls have the ability to change their very surroundings with what they do with their thoughts, their ideas and their momentum.

This could be through financial independence, spiritual, career, activism or many more life changing areas that will give us the power to truly change the world for the better. However, in saying all this, don’t mistake independence from alienating the world around you. Embrace those who have helped you along the way (family, friends, teachers etc.) because they have helped you realize how strong you really are. It is also to let go of those who are surrounding you with the negative energy in your life, and it could be one of the toughest decisions you will ever make. A negative and toxic environment is an anchor that will always hold you back from your true self, so cut that rope and fly away.

Be Independent. Be strong. Climb the highest mountain and reach for it all. This world will be a better more peaceful place with strong, Independent women. It doesn’t matter what continent you are from, Independence has no discriminations; my sister from the Congo is about to discover hers and eventually share it with the world. Let’s all do the same.

Author: Bonnie K Meyer
I’m an Air Force veteran born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Single-mother raising two beautiful children, avid runner and believes in the inner strength of the soul and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Future goals are in continuing my involvement in empowering women and our youth to build a strong, bright, and equal future for all.
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Instagram: @bonryanhailey
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