We are constantly told to place our focus on time in the gym and yes, though resistance training is very important, it is NOT the only movement we should be looking into.

There are 3 things that come into play with how we work our body physically:

  • Resistance training,
  • Cardiovascular training,
  • And Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (or NEAT for short).

The first two options are popular ones and I’m sure I don’t need to explain the importance of them. Here’s an article that explains why women should lift weights à article.

The third option, however, is hardly talked about and it should be focused on more.

NEAT represents all the extra movement we do throughout the day. For example, when I’m tapping my boots under the table while writing this article. When I get excited about something and break down in a silly dance. When I get up to walk to the kitchen to get a snack or to the water fountain to get a drink. All these little extra movements through our day are classified as NEAT.

These movements are usually things we never think about as exercise, however, the amount of NEAT that we produce is extremely important to our fitness and health goals.

The reason why SITTING is now the number one killer is due to the sedentary lifestyle it produces and the dangerous health risks that come with it. Basically, very low levels of NEAT is life threatening.

So yes, go to the gym for an hour, go on leisure walks or jogs, but don’t ignore adding in more movement through the day and less sitting.

A person who goes to the gym for the hour and sits the rest of the day is less healthy than someone who never touches the gym but doesn’t live a sedentary life.

Make more effort to get up from your desk at timed intervals, take the stairs when possible, and dance in the car at a stoplight.

Increasing the amount of NEAT in your life increases your health!

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Author: Cari Li
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