“Is it going to make me big?” is the first question I always get from my female clients when the topic of weightlifting comes up. To be honest, it’s quite disappointing and I wish it was “is it healthy / good for me?”

If lifting weights is a resource that improves your quality of life, how important are the aesthetics of it?

Yes, I understand… it’s always nice to look good but I don’t think you see how much the benefits of lifting outweigh the chances of you getting big.

See, lifting helps women burn fat more efficiently, increase their bone density, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, control cravings, balance hormones… I can go on and on. You want to know more details, read this article –> Asian Women Don’t Need to be Small! 

Let’s talk about “getting big”…

Maybe you see how a male friend of yours gained a significant amount of muscle. Maybe you even witnessed a female bodybuilder that’s managed to get pretty muscular. Maybe you’ve been told over and over again that a woman isn’t supposed to look strong or do anything that gets them bigger.

Lady… it ain’t that easy to get big as a female lifting weights naturally.

It takes a lot of skill and precision in a woman’s lifestyle to gain a good amount of muscle. (Eg. Female competitive bodybuilders) Usually it involves a ton of supplements and sometimes even steroids to achieve significant muscular development.

So no, unless you’re training and eating very specifically for getting big, you probably aren’t going to come close. Chill out.

Also, why would you let anyone tell you that you aren’t supposed to be a stronger person inside and out? Don’t entertain their lack of self-esteem. Be as strong a woman as you need to be!

On to what’s more important…

Why are you ladies not asking me if weightlifting is part of “getting healthy”?

 I know this is a little harsh, but if you’re immediately turning down what many of us have found to be the Fountain of Youth simply because there may be a possibility of “getting big” you may have to check your personal priorities.

I’ve already stated the importance of lifting earlier in this blog, but if I told you that lifting could more than likely be a solution to many of your health issues, would you not at least want to look at it a little closer?

Quit falling for misconceptions from those who fear new things. Be an independent thinker and explorer and research on real information. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.

The number of supermodels, actresses, star athletes and executives who regularly participate in weightlifting will shock you.

There’s a number of ways to perform resistance training to get different results from it. Our bodies were made to move often and carry loads, which is much more active than our current sedentary desk-bound lives.

Get in the gym and do what you’re body is supposed to do. Worry about “getting healthy” instead of “getting big”.

Cari Li

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