February’s theme for The Good Curves is Spirituality and working on our inner selves. In this episode of TGC podcast, Cass and Cari are focusing on self-talk and affirmations. We’ve provided a summary of the episode below and our #StrongerBetterNow worksheet to help you start creating your own affirmations. Make sure you also get on the list for our February giveaway of Rebekah Borucki’s book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life. I hope you enjoy the episode, we reveal a lot about ourselves in these and am sure you can relate to some of the stories we tell haha!

* Confessions, affirmation and confirmations and what they are!
* Awareness is important is so important for changing self-talk
* Know what you say to yourself first and maybe take a log.
* Being stuck in the story you tell yourself and how to rewrite it.
* Why do we feel so weird telling ourselves nice things about ourself?
* We talk about how it’s harder for us to tell others the same bad things we tell ourselves. Why do we talk to others better than we tap to ourselves?
* Why we see the value in others before ourself.
* How convincing yourself and repeating yourself till you believe it helps sometimes!
* Cass talks more about her clumsiness and how her shirt got ripped off at work haha!
* Cari talks about how we always think of our problems are so special and make them such a big deal, which doesn’t help us.
* Making believable affirmations
* How to use the #StrongerBetterNow worksheet
* What to do if you can’t think of 1 affirmation for yourself.
* Discussing road rage and it’s relation to impatience and pride.
* Affirmations for kids

Mentioned Resources
* Danny J - www.dannyj.com
* Cari Li’s Newsletter - www.coachcarili.com
* Book mention - Mindset by Carol Dweck
* Join our February Give-away and grab your #StrongerBetterNow worksheet -> http://thegoodcurves.com/strongerbetternow

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