Focus on you. Keep your eyes on your path alone. Don’t let distractions sidetrack you. If they do, it’s ok… just come back to your path. It’s a meandering path, but that’s what makes it an adventure. There’s portions of it that are a steep uphill to climb, but there’s also the breezy downhills that make an effortless stroll. Either way, you’re moving forward.
Don’t look at another’s path for their’s is unique to them and yours is sacred to you. Blessings, obstacles, experiences, people and lessons all show up differently because God and the Universe planned it that way. Don’t be jealous of anyone else’s journey for you are living through things they never have the opportunity to experience. You are touching the lives they may never get to touch. You are changing the world in ways they will never get to change it.
Your light shines and your people will find you. They will need you to hold that light steady for them and not someone else’s light because that isn’t the one they need to guide them. Maybe you think there isn’t anyone following or relying on you to shine, but you’re wrong. You just haven’t lifted your torch high enough yet to see them, they are still in the shadows watching and waiting.
Don’t deny the world your light. Some of us are going to need it. Also, don’t deny anyone else their light, because there are many that depend on them too. Blowing out another’s torch doesn’t make your world a brighter place, it dims it, shrinks it and minimises your horizon. Build others up, don’t compete. Help light people’s torches so more of us can see our paths and travel safe and far together. Nobody enjoys living in a cold and lonely world.
Cari Li
Author: Cari Li
The Co-Founder of The Good Curves and Owner of,  an online Lifestyle Coaching company focused in women’s fat loss solutions. She has a huge passion for enabling women to find ways to live their happiest and healthiest life through simple lifestyle changes. Her love for travel has allowed her to gain a special perspective on life that she enjoys sharing with the many women she meets along the way as she strives to improve the lives of women everywhere. Follow her: 
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