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Lessons from My Burn Out (Episode 17)

Cari shares her personal burnout and how she worked her way out of "Zombie Mode" and made a decision to design a life that worked for her.


6 Diet Practices That I Don’t Follow Anymore and Why

Find out about these often shocking diet practices that Cari has ditched and why.


Empaths and Burn Out

There are reasons why Empaths tend to burnout more often than others. Find out why and how you can start to change that narrative.


Hi, I'm Cari Li

I'm an Energy Management and Fitness Coach and also the Host of The Good Curves Podcast.

I'm biracial and originally from Singapore but have had the honor to coach women on 4 continents and continue to do so around the World through my online program today.

I've been working with women for almost a decade now and use my personal experience with burn out, knowledge of Hormonal Fitness, Empathic Skills and experience of being extremely adaptable to guide women into tapping their full potential so that they can accomplish their purpose and be their best selves.

I encourage you to use the podcast and the FREE resources to help you along with your recovery and stepping into your full power no matter where you are at in health and fitness. They are there to help YOU! Use them!

Of course if you wish to get some help directly from me or are ready to commit to a working with me, simply fill out this application so we can jump on a call for a first time free fitness audit or to see if you're a good fit for my program. Book your call here.


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