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5 Characteristics of People Who Burn Out

After going through a burnout myself and coaching women who have also needed help recovery from burnout in order to reach their health and fitness goals, I’ve found that we have quite a few similarities. Here are 5 that are very recognisable. Let’s see how many of these 5 you relate to.

1) We care a lot! Usually more about others than ourselves.

We easily sacrifice our health in order to “save” and help others at the cost of our wellbeing. The result is that we end up being unable to care to our fullest potential because we are exhausted and not coming from our best place as we aren’t in good health or in a positive mindset.

When we make the effort and have the discipline to take care of our health and wellbeing first, we can then serve others properly for longer because we don’t burn out.

When we don’t take care of ourselves first, we find ourselves to be really low energy, falling ill often, have lots of physical pain and also having lots of resentment. If you experience some or all of those, it’s time to take a step back and see if you need to focus on you for some time.

2) We can be perfectionists. Not totally a bad thing but can get in our way of progress.

Many of us tend to be all-or-nothing individuals because we have high expectations of ourselves. For example, when we start a fitness program, we want to eat perfectly and workout perfectly. This can be dangerous and harmful in a few ways.

First, because we always tend to dive into to things (sometimes too quick) we take a very extreme approach and tend to ignore the signs our body is telling us which often leads to us burning out.

Second, we often give up if we can’t stick 100% to our plan. A plan that can usually be quite extreme like mentioned above because why make a simple plan that would probably be more realistic and allow for flexibility? (Sarcasm)

3) We are ambitious. To a point where we ignore what our body is going through.

Along with the whole perfectionist thing, we can easily adopt a “no excuses” mentality. The discipline is great in many ways, but it can get us into danger. Many times I’ve watched women who are extremely ambitious work themselves into a state where they fear foods and missing a workout. Instead of diving into health and fitness to feel great, they dive into a state of fear and deprivation.

Be careful about getting carried away with ambition. Remember why you are doing what you’re doing and if it’s truly in line with you an your goals, not someone else’s.

4) We can be highly empathic / sensitive. If we don’t understand this skill is can do more harm than good.

Those of us who are energetically sensitive have a high tendency to burnout and for good reason. Many of the empaths who burnout are usually unaware of their empath abilities or just have no idea how to manage them. This is dangerous and if you are one who is energetically sensitive, this has to become part of your recovery process with practices that are continued even after recovery to ensure you are protecting yourself.

Here’s an article where I dive a little bit more into this concept.

5) We tend to lack boundaries and hate to disappoint anyone. Learning to say “no” is a valuable skill.

Do you respond to texts right away? Dislike having your phone off or on silent? Have a hard time saying “no” when people ask you for help?

These are patterns I recognise because I used to be that person too. Okay, I was all the things in this list and working on them during my recovery meant that I had to train new people and the people I knew how to interact with me. I became much less available to everyone and put my health as priority. Everyone who I helped and said yes to received from a full heart because of it.

My clients, my friends, my family learned that even though I was less available, I wasn’t frustrated or resentful and they would get 100% of my focus when I was spending time with them.

Learning to say “no” allowed me to say “yes” to so much more.

I think now is the perfect time to have healthy expectations for our self-care and be as passionate about them as we are (or were) about meeting the expectations that never served us.

The workouts and the diet is never really the hardest part for my #BusyBooty Ladies, managing these aspects of our character, priorities and expectations are the real struggle.

How many of the 5 do you relate to? Have you managed to overcome them? If so, how?

If you’re someone who is experiencing burnout / fatigue, I highly suggest going through my FREE Hormonal Fat Loss Workshop, whether you have fat loss goals or not, because I explain exactly why we experience burnout (especially for empaths and those who have been trying to implement fitness programs). Along with a clear understanding, you’ll leave the workshop with a plan on how to actually tackle fitness the right way. Click here for access to the workshop. 


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