About TGC


TGC Mission

The Good Curves is a community where all women are embraced and celebrated. We are on a mission to tell the stories that need to be told so that no woman is ever alone in her struggles again.

The Podcast

The Good Curves Podcast consists of both solo episodes from our host, Cari Li, and Interviews from our amazing guests who tell their unique stories and share the lessons they've learned through their experiences.

Our Host

Cari Li is an Energy Management and Fitness Coach from Singapore who's been coaching people around the world to achieve their fitness, fat loss and energy management goals.

Her passion from The Good Curves stemmed from 3 life experiences, all of which you can hear in the very first episode of the podcast!

1. Her Burnout:

When she was 25, she went through a burnout that change her whole outlook and approach on fitness.

2. Her Break Up:

After a dramatic exit from a sour relationship, she realised that she was not alone in her personal struggles, but instead realised there was so many women who were ashamed and embarrassed of their experiences and therefore avoided sharing their lessons.

3. Being Biracial:

Being born in Singapore to a Caucasian-American Father and a Chinese-Singaporean mother, she fought her way through numerous identity issues while always searching for ways to fit in and be accepted.

These 3 experiences are the basis behind her unique perspectives on life and encourage openminded and uncomfortable conversations on her podcast!