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Advice for Empaths Against Energy Vampires

Are there energy vampires? Yes.

But I think many of us who are energetically sensitive are forgetting that we also have to claim responsibility for who we allow to do what and what role they have in our lives.

Being an Empath doesn’t mean you are defenceless against people who are energy vampires.

You have to learn to be aware, recognise the patterns and then set up the boundaries to not let it happen.

Blaming others who are “toxic” and “energy vampires” doesn’t empower you, it leaves you powerless.

Take responsibility for your energy and who you invest it in. If you make a mistake, that’s okay. Learn from it. Don’t dwell in anger, regret or resentment.

Be smart and know your limits with that individual.

If they happen to be people who have to be in your life, build strict boundaries and train them in ways you are energetically available or not available.

Seeing yourself as “stuck” in a situation or not having a choice is also leaving yourself powerless and therefore nothing will change.

I think many of us can have the tendency to sacrifice our wellbeing for those around us and that’s a waste. That is NOT the path or responsibility of an Empath and if you continue to tell yourself that, you are just opting to lose.

In a time that is extremely sensitive left and right, I feel there are many issues that we don’t take responsibility for. Placing responsibility on everyone else instead.

At the end of the day, you get to design your life and choose how to live it. No one else has that power.

So you can either step into that power or give it up. That choice is yours to make.

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