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Empaths and Burn Out

Questions for Empaths / HSPs / anyone who’s been called sensitive:

How often do you stress eat due to overwhelm?
How often are you drained because of the lack of energetic boundaries?
How often does feeling other ppl’s “stuff” get in the way of your goals?
How often does your digestive system go wonky because of a cord that doesn’t serve you?

There’s a certain type of person who burns out more often than others and I believe it’s because we are:
1) Energetically sensitive and

2)have a tremendously hard time refusing to help others because we feel their pain.

If you let your empath abilities run wild, you will burn out.

However, that doesn’t mean they are a disadvantage. They are a special gift and our bodies are so well tuned to tell us when we need to draw some lines.

As empaths, we have to repeatedly remind ourselves of the importance of caring for ourselves first so that we can use our gifts to better help others.

It’s a lesson everyone has to implement, however, I understand how extremely hard it can be to turn away when you can literally feel the pain of a person in your bones, body and veins.

Hormones and energy (woo woo energy) work closely together and so your biofeedback to not just manage your hormones but the boundaries with your energy.

For example, when the belly fat is increasing, I ask myself:
👉🏼Are there any cords that aren’t serving me that need to be cut?
👉🏼Are there emotions / stresses that aren’t mine that I need to remove?
👉🏼Are there people I need to say NO to for now?

I hope this makes sense if you’re energetically sensitive. I’m not an expert on empathic skills but I do have a great awareness on how it can affect fitness and how they can work together.

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