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Burnout, Break Ups and Being Biracial with Cari Li

Episode 1 of The Good Curves Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of The Good Curves Podcast where the host, Cari Li, an Energy and Fitness Coach tells her three experiences that led to the creation of The Good Curves.

Understanding her background will give you great insight into her perspective as someone who’s biracial from Singapore, been through a burnout at 25 that wreaked havoc on her body and a break up with a dramatic exit.

The Good Curves podcast is a place where all women are embraced and celebrated. Our mission is to create a diverse community where we can share our experiences and learn from each other to support us all in our life journeys.

Cari hopes that with The Good Curves she can bring people together in an open-minded and comfortable environment where everyone can share, learn and grow from each others unique perspectives and experiences in life. There is no need to struggle alone when we can all help each other progress.

Outline of this episode:

00:00 – An introduction of Cari Li, an Energy and Fitness Coach helping women online.

00:43 – Explaining the mission of The Good Curves to tell stories that need to be told so no woman feels alone in here struggle again.

01:50 – A bit of Cari’s background and early life growing up in Singapore in a family run scuba diving business and how that started her curiosity in finding lessons in every life story.

04:33 – About the podcast episodes and what inspired Cari to create The Good Curves.

06:52 – Cari’s experience with adrenal burnout, how that shifted her perspective and approach as a coach.

09:55 – Cari’s recent experience with a bad relationship that involved a dramatic exit and led her to packing up her car and travelling around the United States for half a year to start over.

12:39 – Cari’s personal struggle with being biracial and how she’s dealt with identity issues and why building a community that teaches and explains struggles in a multiethnic community is growing more important with the rise of interracial relationships and multiethnic individuals.

18:36 – Closing message on how you can be a part of the TGC mission and community.

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