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Being Adopted and an Entrepreneur in School with The Amarla

Cari Li interviews The Amarla; avid thrifter, amateur photographer and entrepreneur. She shares a bit of her life story starting with when was adopted from China and her experience as an adopted Chinese girl growing up in a white environment, the beginnings and evolution of her brand The Amarla; which was conceived while she was still in high school, and the life lessons she picked up during her amazing journey that has made her the confident and self-possessed person she is today.




00:00 – Episode introduction about The Amarla by Cari.


03:20 – Cari introduces The Amarla who is an avid thrifter, an amateur photographer and an entrepreneur. She shares a bit about her background and the start of her brand The Amarla.


08:38 – The Amarla talks about the origins of her self-esteem and body image issues and how it inspired her to start putting herself out there in her own photography.


14:50 – Quick Intermission: Join The Good Curves Podcast closed Facebook group if you enjoy these topics and want to continue the conversation with your personal insights, experiences and questions in a safe space with a diverse community of women, willing to have uncomfortable conversations, respectfully.


15:29 – Continued from before intermission.


19:08 – The Amarla goes into what she learned and how she grew as a person from creating her own brand; and how she would not be the person that she is here today without this journey. She also goes a bit more into how she discovered her mental and physical boundaries.


26:29 – Cari asks if The Amarla would recommend other high school or college students to build a brand of their own? Her response is yes but to do it for the right reasons. They also go into detail about the different kinds of motivations that people have when they create their own brand.


34:09 – TGC’s final closing question for The Amarla.


36:08 – Thank you to The Amarla for sharing her experiences and being such an inspiration and a beacon of confidence to us all.


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