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15 Ways to Be in the Moment (without Meditating)

Have you taken the time to check in with yourself? Sometimes we get so carried away with life and we are moving so fast from one thing to another and/or doing too many things at once, that we forget to be in the moment. Today I will give you 15 easy ways you can start being in the moment everyday without meditating and hopefully you can start implementing them immediately to improve your day-to-day functionality and really just enjoy the little things in life more.


Outline/Key points:


(01:55) I have a form of mediation in my daily life with the things that I do that is different from what you would think of as traditional meditation; and I wanted to share my methods with you because I find them very useful.


I know a lot of people struggle with meditation sometimes; including myself. It is not always easy to be able to sit or lie down and be still for 5 or 10 minutes. My methods help you focus on being in the moment with movement or with anything ritualistic that you do in the day without necessarily having to sit down and meditate.


(02:48) Number 1: Learn how to be in the moment during your workouts.


I will start with the biggest one; which is my biggest “meditation” practice without the actual meditating, and that is to learn how to be in the moment during your workouts. When I workout I pay very close attention and focus on my workout and try to block out the rest of the world. I usually do this by listening to music and it helps me focus on every breath, every movement and every muscle being used. Just being able to focus on those moments in my workout does a really great job at calming all the things going on in my head and it is essentially a way for me to meditate and relax.


(04:34) Number 2: Washing the dishes.


I have come to appreciate when I have to do the dishes. It sounds incredibly silly but I can now really get into the moment washing dishes; feeling the water over my hands, getting into the work, getting the dishes clean, dried and put away; all those motions have become a form of meditation for me and it is 10 minutes of the day I have for me.


(06:38) Number 3: Paying complete attention when you are in a conversation.


When you are spending time with someone, be in the conversation. Focus and pay attention to everything they are saying. Even if you have something on you mind, you are not able to think about it properly because you are trying to have a conversation with someone else at the same time. So instead of dividing your mental resources; focus on having an amazing conversation, which does so much for the other person and is incredibly therapeutic for yourself as well.


(07:57) Number 4: Sitting in nature.


One of the things I love to do whenever I feel like I am going into Zombie Mode is to go and sit in nature. Immersing myself in nature, appreciating the beauty of it and not worrying about everything else in my life for a moment really helps to out me back in balance.


(08:57) Number 5: Dancing to music.


I don’t know if you guys do this at all but sometimes I just blast a song or two in between work breaks and just dance. It does wonders because it gets your blood flowing, it takes your mind off what you are working on so that you can recharge your batteries and have fun!


(10:00) Number 6: Feeling the ground during a walk.


I have so many friends that take leisure walks but their mind is everywhere while they walk. They purposely schedule in these walks to take time off to de-stress but they are just stressing while walking. A good thing I like to do is to focus on single every step I take so it does not leave much time for me to worry or stress about anything. In movement you can find meditation as well.


(11:39) Number 7: Sitting and breathing (not meditating).


Sometimes I do this when I am too restless to meditate but I know I need to sit and be still. I have a Mala necklace I use to do this when I have a very hectic day and I need to force myself to slow down and just breathe. I sit down and go through all 108 beads and take a breath for every bead and that tends to get me back to center.


(12:46): Number 8: Taste your food!


So many of these steps are things you do everyday but you don’t focus or pay attention to them. For those of us that are busy, you need to set aside time for eating anyway so use that to learn how to be in the moment. Make it a habit to sit down and really appreciate and enjoy every bite of your food; it helps with your digestion and your general mindset.


(13:34) Number 9: Check-in with you body.


This is something I always get my clients to do. Check in with you body and see what kind of feedback you have. All you need is a quick 3 minute break and ask yourself how your body is feeling; are you feeling pain, tightness or soreness etc. There are so many ways you can bring yourself back into the moment by doing this and take care of yourself at the same time.


(14:45) Number 10: Feel the sheets on the bed in the morning.


This one makes me really happy because it sets my day for me. You wake up and literally just take a moment to feel your skin on your bed sheets. It is such a great way to wake up and start your day being in the moment rather than with your feet hitting the ground running towards your first task, full of anxiety.


(15:47) Number 11: Feel the water when you shower.


I know it is another weird one but I am an empath and touch is a big thing for me. I think it can benefit everyone though, not just empaths. Touch is tangible unlike thought and it is easier to manage and understand.


When you step into the shower, take a few minutes to just feel the water running down your skin and focus on that feeling. Showering, washing the dishes and eating are things we do so automatically, and they don’t take as much energy from us because they are automated; so we can really take advantage of them by immersing ourselves in these moments already present in our day-to day routines.


(17:08) Number 12: Sit and enjoy your beverage.


Whether it is having a cup of tea or coffee or maybe even a beer; remember to sit and appreciate what is around you in that moment.


(19:50) Number 13: Folding laundry.


This one is another activity already in your routine; perhaps not daily but most of us have to fold laundry sometime during our week. Just like washing dishes, it could be something you find frustrating to do, but you can take the opportunity to use it as time for yourself to relax and take a mental break.


(20:40) Number 14: Brushing your teeth.


Another little event in our daily routines that can be used as an opportunity to relax the body and mind; especially when you are coming up on the end of your day and you are brushing your teeth before bed. It is a good 3 minute time frame to shut everything off, shed all your worries and relax before bedtime.


(21:40) Number 15: Be in the moment while you are cooking. (This only applies of course if you cook)


If I am in a bad mood, do not ask me to cook because even if I follow the recipe the food is going to taste like crap. I need to cook when I am in a happy place for it to taste good. So when I cook or bake I take the opportunity to involve myself in the process and not think of anything else; and I benefit from that in the outcome that is enjoying the moment and the good food I get to eat!


(22:42) I hope these 15 examples are useful to you guys and that you can find 3 to 5 of them that you can start using right away. A lot of them are things in our routine that we do anyways. So pick 3 to 5 you can use as triggers to help you be in the moment. These methods really help me function well with all the things I have to do so I am sure you can benefit from them too.


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