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Tools to Make the Most out of Your Perfectionism with Nicki Wilson

Cari Li interviews Nicki Wilson who is a working wife and mother and they talk about perfectionism; the two types of perfectionists, traits to look out for and the advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism. She also shares her incredible knowledge and provides many tools and tips on relationships, business, fitness and life!




00:00 – Episode introduction on Nicki Wilson by Cari.


03:19 – Cari introduces Nicki who is originally from Waco, Texas. Nicki talks about herself and her family. She also goes into how she used to be a personal trainer in the fitness industry and the journey that led her to creating her business and her own program called Fit and Free.


12:10 – Nicki also has a Podcast with Beverly Simpson, who was a guest on TGC podcast before. The Podcast is called Action Made Mamas Podcast and they want to use it to empower women and encourage them to go after their dreams.


16:58 – How Nicki manages all the different aspects of her life; from owning her own business, coaching women in fitness and being a wife and a mother of 3.


25:15 – Before Cari and Nicki talk about perfectionism we have a quick intermission: Join The Good Curves Podcast closed Facebook group if you enjoy these topics and want to continue the conversation with your personal insights, experiences and questions in a safe space with a diverse community of women, willing to have uncomfortable conversations, respectfully.


26:21 – Nicki explains about how her perfectionism has helped her succeed in so many ways but has also stunted her in other ways. She also talks about the two different types of perfectionists; the overactive perfectionists and the under-active perfectionists.


32:49 – The biggest changes Nicki has experienced with her family environment after the struggle of letting go of her perfectionism.


36:05 – The benefits and advantages of perfectionism, and how to balance it and keep it in check in your life.


38:23 – Nicki talks about the amazing mission/trip she took together with her family to Uganda in Africa and the impact it had.


45:17 – Nicki shares some words of wisdom, tips and tools that can benefit us in our everyday lives and beyond.


56:52 – Nicki goes into the business side of things and provides more words of wisdom, tips and tools people can use for that as well.


1:02:58 – TGC’s final closing question for Nicki.


1:06:52 – A big thank you to Nicki for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us. She is so inspiring with her big heart and generous nature, and her passion for life.


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