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5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Gym with Cari Li

Cari provides a few pointers on getting into and comfortable in the gym. Despite there being a few no-so-nice people in gyms, there are also many incredible and positive people you can meet there as well. Be open to trying different gyms to find one that works for you.


Outline/Key points:


(04:25) A lot of people find the gym a scary and intimidating place, however it is also a super beneficial place to get efficient body change results or getting your health back into gear.


The gym can seem incredibly uninviting but it is a very good place to get the results you are looking for when it comes to body change or getting your health back, which is why I love going to the gym and still promote it as a number 1 resource to getting your health and fitness in line. I do not insist that people do it because the gym is not for everyone but you should definitely give it a try.


(05:52) I am going to give you 5 ways to overcome your fear of going to the gym.


If you are already going to the gym and you are uncomfortable or if you can’t seem to be able to make it through the doors into the gym yet, I would like you to give these tips a try and I promise you will start feeling better about the experience and the gym will become a much less intimidating place.


(06:24) Number one: Block people out.


Do not let what others may be thinking or what others are doing get to you. There are of course some very egocentric people in the gym who look down on others who are not as fit or strong as they are, but it is simple; don’t focus on them at all and focus on your workout and improving yourself. For myself and most of my peers in the industry, if we see someone who is working on themselves and trying to be better with their health, we have only respect and admiration for them. Also, you need to block out the thought that everyone else is focusing on you because the truth is, people are not focusing on you. Most of the time they are minding their own business and focusing on their own workouts


(08:34) Number two: “Shrink” the gym.


Some gyms are full of equipment and I know it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start and what to do. To make it simple and “shrink” the gym down for you: unless you are someone who is competing in bodybuilding or has a disability, there is not a huge need for you to use the machines. You should focus on the free weights instead and sometimes the cardio machines. Eliminate the equipment you do not really need to worry about and that way your options become much simpler.


(10:07) Number three: Walk in with a plan.


Having a workout program is super essential in getting results and it is also a great tool to help remove a lot of the fear with being in the gym. You cut out the anxiety of wondering what to do next. It will also help with blocking people out and “shrinking” the gym; it ties everything together and really streamlines everything for you. So as far as a workout plan; this is where I can help you out. I have two different workout plans; one is a gym-based one called Muscle Makeover where I give you 5 gym-based workouts, and the second one is a body weight workout plan you can do at home, the gym or at the park and it is called Better Booties for the Noobies. They are free so please use them.


(13:05) Number four: Build confidence.


The best way to build confidence in anything new is to practice. The more you practice the more confident you will become. With a program you have to start somewhere and the basics are super effective; even us veterans in fitness never stray too far from the basics because they work so well. Once you have the basics you can practice and build up your confidence from there and once you do that, working out in the gym becomes routine.


(16:05) Number five: Start at home,


This is something I suggest to many ladies who I coach online and it has helped them progress into the gym. If you are pretty shy and you need build that confidence, you don’t need to start in the gym, you can always start at home and work your way into the gym. Most of us have a distaste for things we are not good at or things we are not comfortable with; but if you stick with it and practice, you will build up your confidence and perhaps learn to love it or at least appreciate it.


(19:32) Those are the 5 ways that can help you get into the gym. I really hope that they can help at least introduce you to weight training if you are not already weight training. If you are still not at the point where you can get to the gym I hope it at least gets you started on weight training at home because resistance training is incredibly important, especially for women. We let the idea of the gym get in our way too much; and blowing these sort of things out of proportion it is a tendency we all have when it comes to testing our comfort zone. I hope that with these 5 things I helped shrink this intimidating idea of going to the gym or weight lifting for you.


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