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The Struggles of Checking the Right Ethnic Box with Maricris Lapaix

The Good Chats: A Monthly Episode where you get to join Cari and a friend for open, uncomfortable, vulnerable conversations that you can’t have in your local coffee shop.

This month on The Good Chats, Cari Li and Maricris Lapaix sit down and share about some of the identity struggles that come with being biracial and how their thirst for learning about both their cultures runs deep. Maricris, who is also Miss California Global US 2018, shares how she discovered more about her Haitian side and her passion to help those with Type II Diabetes regain health and livelihood in her Type 2 Be Fit Program. Laugh alongside Cari and Maricris as she so openly shares her experience of figuring out she was Black and how it can be difficult to fully own a culture that is hers but that she weren’t largely exposed to and raised as her own.




00:00 – Episode introduction on Maricris Lapaix and The Good Chats by Cari.


05:59 – Cari introduces Maricris who grew up in California and she talks a bit about herself. Maricris is half Haitian and half Filipino, and she and Cari talk about experiencing different cultures, and the struggles of being biracial.


22:38 – Quick intermission: Join The Good Curves Podcast closed Facebook group if you enjoy these topics and want to continue the conversation with your personal insights, experiences and questions in a safe space with a diverse community of women, willing to have uncomfortable conversations, respectfully.


23:11 – Maricris shares the intriguing story of how her parents met each other.


24:41 – Maricris talks about her desire to learn about and connect with the different parts of her heritage, and she also shares her story about getting to know her half-sister and half-brother.


30:44 – Maricris is Miss California Global US 2018; she provides a bit of history about her experience in pageants and how it helped her grow as a person.


36:06 – How Maricris got inspired to work with people who have Diabetes; which led to her creating her program called “Type 2 be Fit”.


40:34 – TGC’s final closing question for Maricris.


44:09 – A big thank you to Maricris for sharing her amazing stories and inspiring us to be our best self.


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