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Lessons from my Burnout with Cari Li

Cari talks about what it means to have a burnout AKA adrenal fatigue, or what she sometimes calls “Zombie Mode”. She also shares her own personal experience with it and how it became a pivotal part of her career; where she went from focusing fully on body transformations to focusing on quality of life. It made her realize how most people are simply surviving instead of thriving and it is one of the reasons why she became an energy management coach.


Outline/Key points:


(0:00) Introduction to burnout AKA “Zombie Mode” or adrenal fatigue.


What it means to be in “Zombie Mode” and how it changed my mindset.


(03:55) What is adrenal fatigue or “Zombie Mode” and how it affected me.


I was 25 when my burnout hit me and although it was a really tough time for me, I was very grateful for the experience; because without it I would not have the life I have today.


(07:03) If you are listening to this podcast and you resonate with a lot of what I was going through, please use these 2 free tools I have prepared for you.
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(08:25) Basically what happened is that my body quit on me because I was not treating it with respect.


I was doing way too much, eating at a deficit, and getting very little rest and it took a toll on my body and my mind.


(16:21) Finally one week I hit the pause button super hard in my life because something needed to change.


I cancelled all my clients for that week and took the time to rest and redesign my life because I could not live the way anymore and I had to sit myself down and think about how I really wanted to live my life.


(19:57) The biggest lesson I got out of my burnout experience.


I had forgotten that we always have a choice with how we spend our time and energy, and that it is really up to us to make the necessary decisions and take the necessary actions to design the life that we want and need.


(21:21) A lot of us want to make our dent in this world but we can’t do it from an empty cup but knowing and implement this are two different things.


I want to leave you with the single most valuable tool that used to help me stop living this life; and that is to make some space for yourself.


(26:16) Once you clear out what doesn’t belong in your life right now, you’ll see how much more room you have.


The first step is to rest and breathe because if you are as tired as I was, that space is needed for recovery. Once you have recovered the second thing you want to do with your space is to design your life. Be open to opportunities but also filter them.


(28:51) I got very clear on how I wanted to design my life during my recovery phase. Once I started to recover I started implementing steps and actions right away.


Today, everything I spend my time and energy on is in line with who I am and my purpose.


(31:41) Just because I know all this stuff doesn’t mean I don’t push myself.


I just know how to push myself to a point where I do not knock myself out of the game. I have stricter boundaries when it comes to the people in my life.


(32:54) So if you are tired and running around like a headless chicken you need to stop. The world won’t come crashing down if you do, but you might come crashing down if you don’t. If you want to make a difference, you have to make the space in your life to make that difference.


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