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Transitioning into Full Time Entrepreneurship with Emily Gough

Cari interviews fellow entrepreneur Emily Gough who is a holistic nutritionist and women’s lifestyle coach. She focuses on helping women stress less and break free from the all-or-nothing mindset that we have around food. She talks about her experience transitioning from full-time corporate life with her coaching business on the side, to opening her own business and working for herself doing what she loves. She also shares with us how she is working with her anxiety now that she is a full-time entrepreneur and together Cari and Emily talk about what is takes to be a full-time entrepreneur.




00:00 – Episode introduction on fellow entrepreneur Emily Gough who owns her own coaching business. She also hosts her own podcast called Room to Grow.


04:01 – Cari introduces Emily who tells us a bit about herself including what inspired her to become a holistic nutritionist and women’s lifestyle coach, and her transition from her corporate job she had for 11 years to owning her own business.


07:15 –  Emily talks about the struggles she experienced with the transition she made from working full-time in corporate to starting her own business.


19:47 – Why Emily decided to take the leap and leave her corporate job, and the difficulties she had juggling a business on the side while working full-time job she did not want.


26:33 – Cari shares a bit of her story about the time she started her business.


27:58 – How important it is to know your purpose or personal mission in life when taking such a leap to start working full-time in your own business, and how much it means to Emily in her own journey.


32:16 – How knowing your purpose helps make you resilient and being resilient is so crucial when you start your own business due to the trials and obstacles you will certainly face.


35:43 – Cari and Emily also discuss the importance of being flexible, and being open to changing and growing as you develop your business or brand.


39:29 – Emily talks a bit about her podcast. You can find her podcast here and the Facebook group for the podcast here.


41:54 – TGC’s final closing question for Emily.


45:56 – A big thank you to Emily for being so incredibly brave and generous to open up and share her experiences and help others with their journeys.


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