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4 Guidelines of Adaptable Eating with Cari Li

Cari goes into what she calls Adaptable Eating, which has helped her tremendously with eating healthy and happily, and her outlook on dieting and enjoying food in general. You can also sign up for the free live workshop she is doing on adaptable eating on the 17th of October, Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. It will be live in the  Facebook Group.


Outline/Key points:

(02:48) What I love about adaptable eating.


It is super flexible especially after the initial stages of applying the method and it has helped me quit “yoyo” and extreme dieting, and live a life on the go without having to stress about my next meal.


(04:07) Here is overall picture of adaptable eating broken down into 3 levels.


We will be mostly going over the first level in the live workshop.


(04:26) Level 1: Learning how to adapt your food to your body.


To do this you need a dedicated amount of time to learn about your body and understand its biofeedback especially when you consume food.


(6:01) Level 2: Learning how to adapt your eating to your workouts.


With life never being static; sometimes workouts need to be adjusted in order for long term sustainability.


(07:28) Level 3: Learning to adapt your eating to your life.


This takes a lot of practice and a flexible mindset; it involves learning how to eat during different stresses, life experiences, seasons and rhythms.


(10:53) There are 4 general guidelines that help someone get started quite easily with adaptable eating.


They are very simple and are usually the first steps for many of my clients as well. Again I highly suggest you sign up for my FREE live workshop for adaptable eating on the 17th of October in the Booty, Bliss and Brains Closed Facebook Group. It can really help you out with this.


(14:19) Step 1: Choose natural foods over processed foods as often as possible.


Processed foods can mess with us in so many ways and natural foods tend to have more nutrients, fiber, sugar levels that are more friendly to us; and they tend to give our hormones and body an easier time.


(15:38) Step 2: Eat your protein.


Most of the people I work with do not eat enough protein, especially when they go on a diet, or go vegetarian or vegan without doing the proper research first. Eating more protein helps build muscle mass and provides you with stable energy.


(16:25) Step 3: Eat your fiber.


Fill your plate with veggies! It is important to get your vitamins and nutrients, and it is also important to poop regularly! This step along with step 2 also helps to control your hunger.


(18:31) Step 4: Measure your carbs.


Doctor Jade Teta calls them starch bites and it’s seriously the easiest tool to start using. It helps you find out how many carbs work best for you by simply measuring how many bites you have.


(20:34) By focusing on these 4 guidelines, you can start changing how your body feels and looks.


I’m really excited to share my method of adaptable eating with everyone. I think it’s a tool that is super helpful and life changing; it certainly was for me. If you get to join me in the live workshop on the 17th of October, I’ll be glad to take your questions and I’ll be offering you some special bonuses as well.


(23:43) Preview of next episode, closing message and social media links.


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