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Standing Out with Confident Curves and a Mixed Ethnicity

Episode 2 of The Good Curves Podcast

Welcome back to The Good Curves podcast. Your host, Cari Li interviews Kali Williamson who is a plus size model and a body positive activist. Kali talks about how she has had to overcome her insecurities in regards to her identity and her body; and build confidence and positivity for herself to become the successful woman she is today. It is a tough journey but once you accept who you are you are a big step closer to being happy and healthy.

Outline of this Episode:

00:00 – Introduction: Cari says hi and provides some introductory information on Kali Williamson (model and body positive activist), whom she is interviewing today.


03:25 – Good Curves opening mission message.


04:06 – Cari introduces Kali and they talk about her background and what she does for a living.


05:36 – Discussion about body confidence in women and the physical beauty standards they felt they had to live up to since they were young; and how they dealt with it.


10:19 – Kali talks about how she keeps herself healthy in her weekly routine and how she balances exercise and good eating habits with her work as a model.


15:04 – Kali’s struggle with gaining more confidence in herself in the way she looks especially when she puts herself out there as a model.


19:50 – Discussion on the difficulties of being biracial and how they handle it socially and internally.


26:30 – Battling with identity and insecurities stemming from being biracial and not having an “ideal” body type.


30:07 – What Kali is most proud of achieving in terms of goals and how she has dealt with some of the challenges in her line of work especially when it comes to her body image.


33:51 – Final question to Kali; does she have any regrets?


36:07 – Summary of what has been discussed along with the importance of being able to talk about racial diversity and a big thank you to Kali for being such a fantastic role model and inspiration.


37:41 – Closing credits and social media links.


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