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Mindful Fat Loss and Empaths with Ashley Pardo

Cari interviews Ashley Pardo who is a private chef, nutritional therapist, business coach, and like Cari, she is also an empath. She talks about fat loss and shares her story about her own transformation and how emotions and empathy play a part in health and eating. Ashley also shares some tools that can really help everyone including her Mindful Fat Loss Method, which is very much in line with what Cari practices as well.


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00:00 – Episode introduction on Ashley Pardo who is a private chef, nutritional therapist and business coach.


05:10 – Cari introduces Ashley who lives in Miami, Florida and she provides a bit of background information about herself including how she was inspired to teach people about food.


08:30 – Ashley’s amazing journey from working in the corporate world in Human Resources to learning more about food in cooking school and her trip to Italy, to becoming a nutritionist and a private chef and having a great relationship with food.


17:09 – Cari and Ashley talk about some alternate views on health and food including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine).


21:38 – Cari and Ashley discuss health and fitness trends versus a more simplistic approach and how in many cases less is more. They also share their own experiences with some of these trends.



28:19 – Ashley talks about fat loss and shares with us her own inspiring transformation story.



39:04 – Cari and Ashley discuss the connections between emotions, the mind and the physical body and Ashley goes more into how working from the inside-out is essential when you are working on changing your body.


45:38 – Cari and Ashley talk about Caloric intake in balanced daily eating and fat loss with exercise, and the fear people have of eating more even when it is needed.


53:26 – Ashley has some very useful tools for everyone that combine body-love, intuition and mindfulness as a foundation for fat loss in her program called the Mindful Fat Loss Method. For people who are emotional eaters who want to be intuitive eaters eventually, she will be conducting this 5 day nutrition training course with some cooking demos and support for the women that join. Lastly if you want to go more in depth, Ashley will be launching an Intuitive Eating School, which is going to be an 8 week program.


58:45 – TGC’s final closing question for Ashley.


1:03:07 – A big thank you to Ashley for coming on and sharing her experiences with the struggles many of us are also going through, and for sharing her extensive knowledge as well; helping so many ladies out there with their health and nutrition.


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