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The Best Approach to Fat Loss with Cari Li

Cari talks about the best approach to fat loss and the right and wrong intentions people have when working towards fat loss. For many people who have reached the burnout stage, a lot of times it starts with their approach to fat loss; or it plays a huge part. A lot of us have a history of yoyo dieting and falling in and out of different extreme programs where we are not in a consistent or moderate place which gradually gets us to be more healthy and fit in the long term. Cari shares her own experience with this and how she transitioned from the “dark side” to the “light side” of being motivated to change her body.

You can also sign up for the free live workshop she is doing on adaptable eating on the 17th of October, Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. It will be live in the Facebook Group.


Outline/Key points:


(0:00) A quick shout out and thank you to everyone and an introduction to the best approach to fat loss.

I really want to go into this because it is something that is really heavy on my heart after reading all these emails from everyone.


(04:00) The approach I had with fat loss in the beginning of my own journey.

My approach to fat loss at first was to hate my body so much that I wanted to do more. I look back now and realize how ridiculous I was.


(05:21) It is really important that we understand how we are motivating ourselves when it comes to our fitness goals; especially fat loss.

There are really 2 ways you can get to your fitness goals and that is through hate and the other one is through love. You can end up with a body that looks exactly the same going both routes but internally it is going to be a whole different story.


(08:22) How to switch to the “light side” of approaching fat loss.

You switch over by learning to come to a place where you are okay with yourself. You want to get to a point where you are not depending on your body for an identity; we are all so much more than just our bodies.


(12:16) My own experience transitioning from the “dark side” to the “light side of fat loss.

It was a really hard time for me but it was also a very pivotal moment in my life and it shifted my perspectives on so many things especially with body image, self worth, self esteem and self respect.


(23:42) Ask yourself today: If you are in a place where you are trying to change your body, why do you want that body change and how are you motivating yourself?

The intent of how you motivate yourself is extremely important and if your intent is poor you are going to need to do some internal work.


(24:33) I have a free workshop for you guys if you want to learn how I switched my eating to get away from the extreme deprivation.

I will be teaching the adaptable eating method in my workshop that I teach my clients and apply in my own life as well. It is being held on the 17th of October, Wednesday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time in the Booty, Bliss and Brains Closed Facebook Group.


(28:00)  Preview of the next podcast, closing message and social media links.


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