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Recovery from Codependency with Deanna Schober

Cari interviews Deanna Schober who is a mother of 4 kids that helps other moms prioritize their self-care, fitness and health. She is also the creator of Fit to be Pregnant and she has a beautiful business with her husband. Today Cari and Deanna will be talking about codependency and recovering from codependency; an experience both of them are familiar with personally. Most of us are not strangers to some form of codependency and Deanna has some useful and helpful information we can all benefit from.


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00:00 – Episode introduction on Deanna Schober who is a mother of 4 and creator of “Fit to be Pregnant”. Also for those of us that hate taking so many different supplements, Cari recommends trying BIOHM’s new Super Green powder. Details are at the end of the show notes below.


07:18 – Cari introduces Deanna who co-owns a media company with her husband called Schober Media and gives a bit of background about herself and what she does; especially with her focus on helping other moms.


09:08 – Deanna explains how different the experience was for her in terms of her health and mindset when she had her first 3 children compared to her last one; which is what inspired her to start coaching and helping other mothers.


11:55 – Cari and Deanna discuss why many of us feel the need to prove ourselves to an “invisible audience”; especially in the case of raising children. They also talk about how sometimes it takes certain major events to act as a catalyst before we realize we need to start taking care of ourselves too.


17:30 – Deanna talks about how her experience with her divorce and her current relationship with her husband led her to realize that she had issues with codependency. She also shares with us the steps she took to get herself through it.


23:58 – Deanna tells us more about what codependency actually is, how we can recognize it in our own relationships, and the steps we can take to help with it.


26:20 – Cari and Deanna discuss the challenges of looking inward, putting ego aside and accepting the responsibility and blame for the expectations and disappointments in your own life.


33:45 – Deanna provides us with some literary recommendations: Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. She also relied on the literature provided by her support group.


34:13 – How figuring out and managing her codependency affect Deanna as a parent and her children and how she realized that codependency is a behavior that children can pick up from their parents.


37:05 – Cari and Deanna talk about the experience of identifying and understanding the existence of codependency in their lives, and admitting that they have this problem and that they need help.


41:19 – Cari and Deanna discuss how many people tend to search for answers outside; in programs, religion, tools or other people when a lot of times the answer can be found by looking within yourself.


46:37 – TGC’s final closing question for Deanna.


48:40 – A big thank you to Deanna for being so brave and sharing her experiences and wisdom with all of us. It takes incredible courage to look inward and face yourself, especially in front of others.


49:34 – Closing message and social media links.


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