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How Much You Have to Workout for Fat Loss with Cari Li

Cari tells us how to get fat loss results with just 2 hours a week of working out. Fat loss is one of the things everyone asks about the most; so Cari would like to provide everyone with the information they need.

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Outline/Key points:


(0:00) I am going to share with you how to get fat loss results with just 2 hours of working out a week.


A lot of people say “ I just don’t have time” to work on my health and fitness and I’m really tired of it. If you can’t set aside 2 hours a week, you need to reevaluate your priorities and take some things off your schedule to start caring for yourself.

(04:06) How much do you have to work out in order to get fat loss results.


Not as much as you think. A lot of times we place all the burden on the numbers of hours we workout when workouts are really just one small piece of the puzzle. Nutrition and sleep is very important and it can help save you time and energy.


(04:33) Nutrition is a very important component of fat loss.


Many of us think that if we work out enough we will not have to worry about nutrition. However when nutrition is paired well with your workouts, it can save you a lot of time and energy and provide you with better results.


(05:08) Sleep is another important piece in the fat loss puzzle.


If you do not get enough sleep, fat loss will become very difficult for you. Sacrificing sleep for workouts is not a smart approach.


(05:50) Another piece of the puzzle is movement.


This is referring to how much you are moving outside your workouts; are you walking much or sitting at a desk all day?


(06:21) Then there is also stress.


Stress can really affect your fat loss efforts; your physical self is closely connected with and affected by your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


(07:06) With all these factors in play, it is inefficient to rely solely on your workouts to achieve your fat loss goals.


When all these other factors are taken into account, you only really need to work out for 15-30 minutes a few times a week. With the right type of workout, good nutritional habits, sleep, movement and stress management, you will be good to go.


(08:52) Many times I see people working extra hard to lose the weight and they lose it spending many hours in the gym and maybe also through dieting.


Then once they hit their goal they stop because they’re just going to maintain the level they are at right? Unfortunately, next thing you know, life happens and they gained all the weight back and have to start over. Except, it gets harder every time.


(10:05) To summarize: Set aside 2 hours to workout a week, pick the best foods for you to maintain positive eating habits, get enough sleep, move more throughout the day and manage your stress.


If you want some help figuring these first steps out, you can apply for a free fitness audit. You can apply using the link provided or just come into the booty, brains and bliss Facebook group where we talk all about fitness, health, energy management and nutrition!


I will also be teaching the adaptable eating method in my workshop that I teach my clients and apply in my own life as well. It is being held on the 17th of October, Wednesday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time in the Facebook Group.


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Sign up my free live workshop on adaptable eating that will be conducted on the 17th of October, Wednesday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. It will be live in the Facebook Group.

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