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Changing Continents, Culture Shock and Podcasting with Ginni Sarawati

Cari interviews Ginni Sarawati from The Ginni Show; which is a daily show and an amazing podcast. She is also the owner of her own company Ginni Media. Today Cari and Ginni talk about their similar journeys of moving from one part of the world to another, cultural differences and shocks they experienced including the racial dynamics they have encountered in the US, and how they navigated through it all. Ginni also shares her passion of podcasting as a platform.




00:00 – Episode introduction on Ginni Sarawati who is a fellow entrepreneur and podcaster. Also for those of us that hate taking so many different supplements, Cari recommends trying BIOHM’s new Super Green powder, something she uses on a daily basis and is actually quite amazing. Details are at the end of the show notes below.


05:06 – Cari introduces Ginni who was born in Sri Lanka. She tells us a bit about her background and what she does.


08:46 – Ginni talks about her beginnings in the radio and talk show industry.


10:22 – Ginni is now living in New York and she talks about how the transition has been for her; moving to the US. Cari and Ginni discuss the social changes they have both experienced and how they navigate them.


16:56 – Ginni talks about the influence of both Australian and Sri Lankan culture in her life and how she has not forgotten her roots and she shares some of her experiences that stand-out in her memories; growing up as a Sri Lankan in Australia


22:32 – Ginni goes into her life at work as a full-time podcaster, why she does it and what this platform means to her. She also talks a bit about her daily podcast show called The Ginni Show and her company Ginni Media. Cari and Ginni also discuss the benefits of podcasting.


32:10 – TGC’s final closing question for Ginni which led to Cari and Ginni discussing how busy we all are in the world now and how difficult it is sometimes when you move away from home and live apart from your family.


39:53 – Cari and Ginni briefly touch on the cultural differences they have experienced in the Asian side of their families with communication.


43:45 – A big thank you to Ginni for being so open and sharing her thoughts and diverse experiences with all of us.


44:35 – Closing message and social media links.


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