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Tools to Simplify Fitness with Cari Li

Cari talks about how complicated and contradictory the world of fitness and healthy living is right now and how so many of us are so confused by it. In the interest of keeping things as simple as possible, Cari provides us with 5 things we need to be doing to help simplify our fitness goals and how to implement them in our lives.

Cari is also accepting her last and final round of applicants for her 2018 Busy Booty Program. It is a 12 week program that is truly designed for ladies who do not have the time or energy to spend hours and hours in the gym and kitchen. You will learn a whole system that changes your body, nutrition, energy levels and rearranges your priorities. It is an extremely flexible program that will not take you more than 4 hours a week; with workouts that are only 15-30 mins each up to 4 days a week.


Outline/Key points:


(0:00) I saw a post the other day on Instagram and it really displays the issue that most of us have with fitness, healthy living and fat loss. This is what it said:


(03:30) I am also accepting my last and final round of applicants for my 2018 Busy Booty Program.

You can click the link to apply and we will have a chat to see what I can do to help you and if my program is right for you.


(09:44) When you complicate your fitness efforts you end up confused, you end up not knowing what to improve because you are doing too many different things and you risk losing your motivation to be healthy.

If you find yourself in this position you should scrap everything you are doing and do the following 5 things I am going to talk about.


(11:09) Number 1: Only train as much as you need to.

Unless you are a professional athlete, there is no need to spend a crazy amount of hours working out. If you need some gym workouts I have free Busy Booty Workouts you can try.


(14:06) Number 2: Get enough good quality sleep.

Sleep is something that is always sacrificed. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you get enough rest. Here is a link for my Sleep Simply Guide; it shows you how you may not be getting the best sleep and it will provide you with steps to rectify that.


(15:32) Number 3: Move more throughout the day.

Take small steps to increase the amount of movement you do throughout the day like avoiding drive-thrus and parking your car further away from your destination. Even stepping away from your desk at work for a short walk can help get your blood flowing and increase productivity at the same time by allowing your mind to rest for a bit.


(16:50) Number 4: Eat for your body according to your goals and in a way that matches your lifestyle.

Here are two workshops that I have that can really help you out with this. The first one is my How to Eat for your Body Type Workshop and the second one is my Adaptable Eating Workshop. These are live workshops that I did in the Facebook Group and if you are not a member yet feel free to join up and have access to my workshops there.


(19:52) Number 5: Renew your energy enough so that you can continue to expend your energy productively.

Have fun and take time off to relax. You will be more productive and much happier in the long run if you learn how to take breaks. I have my 5 day Intro to Energy Management Course that you can try to help increase and manage your energy levels.


(22:18) So if you are confused with all the different health and fitness routines you are involved in, scrap everything and try these 5 things with the tools provided.

Save the show notes so you can find the links to my workshops easily. If you need direction with training and nutrition, fill out an application to get on the phone with me for free and we can start there.


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