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Powerlifting and Interracial Dating with Tiffany Nguyen

Cari interviews Tiffany Nguyen who goes by @liftliketiff on Instagram. Tiffany is a powerlifter and she goes into how she started powerlifting to gain weight. She and Cari also discuss being in interracial relationships and they share their experiences dealing with families that are not quite sure how to navigate those relationships. They also talk about how important it was to them to follow their hearts in their career choices and the challenges they faced doing so.



00:00 – Episode introduction on Tiffany Nguyen who is a powerlifter and a wonderful presence on social media. You can follow her on Instagram @liftliketiff. 


04:20 – Cari introduces Tiffany who is from Houston, TX and she provides a bit of background about herself and her family. She is also an online coach and she is starting her own clothing line of fitness apparel.


05:50 – Tiffany talks a little more about her family and her experiences growing up and in school. Her parents were originally from Vietnam and they were “old-school” and quite strict.


09:39 – Tiffany goes into how she got into powerlifting to gain weight, and to show that despite being smaller than most girls she is a “bad-ass”.


12:15 – Cari and Tiffany discuss the differences between the bodybuilding and powerlifting communities.


14:10 – Tiffany believes that the biggest reward she has received from powerlifting are the people she has met and the friends she has made in her journey.


15:21 – Cari and Tiffany discuss how many ladies think that powerlifting would make them look manly and that it really isn’t true.


16:54 – Tiffany talks about the struggles and triumphs she experienced dating outside her race, especially when it came to family and culture.


24:31 – Cari and Tiffany discuss how cultural differences in a relationship can be a challenge, but it is also a good thing because the fact that you get to learn about each others culture brings you closer to each other. They also discuss the positives of mixing cultures in general.


29:22 – Cari and Tiffany talk about raising mixed kids and what they might need to think about when they do have kids, especially considering cultural and racial identities.


38:08 – TGC’s final closing question for Tiffany, which leads to Cari and Tiffany talking about the importance of following your heart when it comes to your career choices.


47:20 – A big thank you to Tiffany for being an amazing inspiration and influence to ladies everywhere, and for coming on and sharing everything about her life so openly with us.


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