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How to Recover from Energetic Debt (Fatigue) with Cari Li

Cari talks about what energetic debt is and how to recover from it. Most people are not even aware that they have it and it can lead to more issues later on. She also goes more into this and other fitness and wellness topics in her monthly, sometimes weekly workshops as well in the  Facebook Group. If you want to continue the conversation about any topic with Cari feel free to join us in the Facebook Group.


Outline/Key points:


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I go more in depth with a lot of these fitness topics in my conversations and workshops in the Facebook Group so please feel free to join us there so we can all learn more together.


(01:20) I have had to deal with quite a bit of pain management over the years ever since I had a car accident when I was 16, and also because of my history with gymnastics.


Lifting weights has actually helped a lot with minimizing and even getting rid of most of the pain and issues I have had with my joints. I still get migraines once in a while from my neck injury from the car accident and I go to my chiropractor to sort that out.


(02:57) My recent visit to my chiropractor was a little bit of a wake-up call for me however; I have not been in this much pain for a long time.


In the last 2 months I have really slacked off on properly managing my energy and I have been out of touch with nature. All my pain and brain fog was really from stress and not any physical injury.


(05:29) Energetic debt comes from us continually using huge amounts of energy without proper recovery in between, which causes an energy deficit to build up over time.


Just like how you can over-train in the gym; which involves physical energy, you can over-train your other sources of energy too; especially when you do not take the time to recharge and recover properly.


(07:32) How do we clear out our energetic debt?


It is actually incredibly simple. You need to rest and recharge for longer than you usually need since you have been running on fumes for so long.


(08:52) So here are the things you need to ask yourself today.


Do you think you are in a state of energetic debt and if so, how long do you think you have worked yourself into that state?

What have you tried to do to remove yourself from a low energy state?

Did it increase your debt or decrease it?

If it increased, Why do you think it increased?

What do you think you could be changing in your routine to allow yourself to pay off this energetic debt?


(11:00) If you need help with figuring your energy out, you can either use the Intro to Energy Management course (EM101), or sign up for a FREE Energy Audit with me; where we get on the phone and I help you figure it out.



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