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Eating Disorders, Hormones and Fat Loss with Kim Schaper

Cari interviews Kim Schaper who a metabolic-reset expert and a fitness coach. She has overcome so much in her life and she shares with us her experiences with eating disorders and establishing herself in the fitness world. She also provides us with lots of great advice on how to improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Her passion to help women out there with their health and fitness is incredibly beautiful and inspiring.




00:00 – Episode introduction on Kim Schaper who is a fellow fitness coach and a metabolic-reset expert.


02:23 – Cari introduces Kim who is from Atlanta, Georgia. She shares with us a bit of background about herself, and about her life in the fitness world.


04:20 – Kim talks about eating disorders and shares with us her own experience dealing with self-esteem and body image issues, and with battling anorexia. She also provides some advice for those out there who are going through similar struggles.


19:48 – Cari and Kim reminisce over some of the funny antics Kim has participated in; including and not limited to the time she pranked an IRS scammer. This leads to Kim talking about how passionate she is about living life and how she has fully embraced the wacky side of her personality.


25:17 – Kim talks about some of the backlash she has received; some in response to her sense of humor and others in response to her approach to health and fitness. She also talks about how she deals with the backlash in a positive manner.


29:26 – Cari and Kim discuss how wonderful and empowering it is to be fit and feel healthy and strong without going into extremes or compromising what is on the inside.


35:38 – Kim talks about her fitness program called “Fit Female Formula”; which targets women in their late 30s to mid 40s. Cari and Kim also go more into how hormones play such a big part in the fitness process.


42:59 -TGC’s final closing question for Kim.


45:18 – A big thank you to Kim for the being the wonderful and inspirational person that she is, and for touching so many lives and helping so many women out there.


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