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3 People to Invest Your Energy In with Cari Li

Cari talks about the 3 types of people she focuses on keeping in her life; people she chooses to spend time around. It is incredibly important to be conscious of the people involved in your life because it can have quite the impact on your energy management. Think about the people you spend a lot of time with and ask yourself if they are someone you need to spend more time with or less time with.

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Outline/Key points:


(0:00) I want to talk about the 3 different types of people I choose to spend time around.


We should be conscious about who we spend a lot our time with because it can affect your energy levels in a big way.


(03:51) I am very picky about who I spend my time around nowadays and I can narrow it down for you into 3 groups. The first group of people are people who teach me new lessons to help me grow.


These are people who are already farther along than I am in life or who have experienced more than I have and I can learn from their experiences.


(06:05) The second group of people I spend my time with are people who are willing to learn from me to grow.


If they are not willing to learn and grow; I cannot afford to invest a whole lot of time and energy in them, especially when there are so many others out there that are ready to grow and work with me.


(08:57) The third group of people are those who are committed to growth and we invest in each other.


These are the people who are basically on the same level as me. We are doing whatever we can to invest in each other, help each other out and hold each other accountable so that we can all grow and be better.


(13:20) I hardly ever spend time with people who do not fit into one of these 3 categories.


I also make sure that I balance the energy invested in these 3 categories of people. When we consider managing our energy and also being able to invest in our own health and fitness; this is very important and is something we all need to work on in order to really be our best selves.


(14:30) You need to be careful and make sure you are not that person exhausting yourself trying to pull everyone else around you up.


Fight your own battles and focus on yourself and the people who are coming into your life who are ready and willing to grow.


(16:56) Here are a few steps on how to turn things around if you are in a position where you are being drained by the people in your life.


(17:24) First: Audit the people in your life.


Who doesn’t need your energy right now? Who could use less of your energy right now? Who definitely needs your energy right now?


(19:16) Second: Making space.


You do this by removing some of the people who do not need your energy right now, minimizing  your time spent with people who need less of your energy and focusing on the people that do need your energy.


(22:23) Third: Elevate.


Find your crew; people who are on the same page as you, people you can invest in and who will invest in you as well. Also find a mentor, coach or inspiration; someone who is where you want to be so that you can learn from them.


(26:30) I really encourage you all to find a team where you can invest in each other and support each other. You are always welcome to join the Facebook Group; I’d be more than happy to be on your team and all the ladies in that team are so amazing, open and encouraging.



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