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We Suck at Fitness Resolutions by Cari Li

Welcome back to The Good Curves Podcast and Happy New Year! In the spirit of the new year; Cari goes into why we all suck at Fitness Resolutions. She goes into how we can change that and our lifestyles for the better by committing to one final Fitness Resolution.


We also have a Busy Booty Challenge starting Wednesday, January 9th. It is a seven day challenge designed to get you up and moving to make this the last year you have to think about fitness resolutions ever again. It requires you to complete only 4 workouts that are each less than 30 minutes long and you can do them anywhere at anytime. This comes up to about 1-2 hours a week, which is truly minimal for your health and well+being, so NO escape and NO excuses! You will also have access to a closed Facebook Group where everyone can come together, and motivate and support each other.


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In this episode:


  • Welcome back to The Good Curves Podcast!


  • How many of us are terrible when it comes to making and sticking with New Year Resolutions involving fitness.


  • Many of us ambitious women make these unreasonable and unrealistic promises to ourselves and then apply ridiculous, inefficient and unsustainable programs to achieve these stupid fitness goals.


  • Honestly, there really shouldn’t be a need for new year fitness resolutions. That’s more similar to dieting and it has an extreme sort of mentality; which in my opinion is not the healthiest approach.


  • Am I proud of people who make new year fitness resolutions? Absolutely. It takes courage and I’ll always support anyone shooting to improve themselves and I work with them and teach them how; without it having to be a yearly resolution.


  • To me, health and fitness shouldn’t have to continuously be a resolution year after year. It should always have a place in your life. We should not only aim to treat our bodies well temporarily.


  • I encourage you: If you have made a New Years fitness resolution, make this the last one you’ll ever have to make. Make that part of your resolution, so that you will continue to take care of your health no matter what. Commit to that. Don’t commit to a weight or a body fat percentage, commit to respecting yourself and your body in 2019 and for the rest of your life.


  • Podcast Update: The good curves podcast will now be coming out with new episodes and interviews every Wednesday. I want to make sure I have the time to work with my ladies and so will be switching to 1 episode per week in 2019 instead of 2!


  • Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have a wonderful start to 2019



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