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Transitions in Country, Identity and Career with Jacqueline Diaz

Cari interviews Jacqueline Diaz who is an entrepreneur and a single mom and they talk about the different inevitable transitions we all go through in life. Transitions are a part of life and change happens all the time; even when we try our best to resist them. Cari and Jacqueline both share some of their own transitions that have occurred in their lives.

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In this episode:


  • Some background on Jacqueline Diaz A.K.A “amigapreneur”. She is on Instagram and has her own podcast.


  • Jacqueline shares a bit about some of the struggles she went through to get where she is today and what she learnt about transitions in life.


  • Cari and Jacqueline discuss the different challenges you face when you experience a transition in your life and the factors that can contribute to the experience.


  • The ups and downs of motherhood from the perspectives of mother and daughter.


  • Jacqueline was born in Mexico and she shares her immigration story with us.


  • Cari and Jacqueline go into how important mourning is in the transition process.


  • How much society and family expectations can affect your transition.


  • Cari and Jacqueline talk about the work they do and how important it is to them to help out women with their transitions and struggles.


  • The importance of being honest with yourself; especially in face of your own personal struggles.


  • TGC’s final closing question for Jacqueline, which leads to them talking about love and the courage it takes and inspires.


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