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Designing the Life You Desire with Emily Verdonk

Emily Verdonk, an Accounting Badass, shares how she went from being divorced, becoming a single mother and laid off all in the same year to starting her successful accounting firm and kicking ass as a mother. She is the owner and founder of Morris Verdonk Accounting a boutique firm specializing in nonprofits and rural utilities. When she had the opportunity to recreate her life she took the opportunity to start Morris Verdonk Accounting instead of taking a traditional job since she’s had 15 years experience in the industry.

In this episode:

  • Emily shares her story on how to she got a divorce, became a single mom and got laid off in the same year to started her own successful firm.
  • Emily shares the hardest thing about running her own business and being a mom — exhaustion.
  • She shares her tactics on scheduling business, self-care and time with her son in a very nonconventional way.
  • They discuss the joys and benefits of owning your own business and being able to spend time with family.
  • How men and women can have different perspectives on home and work life balance even with 9-5 jobs.
  • Emily shares her best advise for working parents by creating boundaries and teaching those around us that we need
    “offline” time for other priorities.
  • Steps to take the leap for designing the life you desire.
  • Emily shares how her and her son go mountain climbing together and he’s only 4!
  • Her No-Screen Policy for her son and her requirements for child care to promote an active lifestyle.
  • Emily stresses the positive impact exercise and nutrition has on her business, energy and sanity.
  • She shares the importance of her network of other mothers to get everything she needs done.
  • TGC Closing question: Emily wants very badly to take a year to live out of a camper van and travel with her son.


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