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Before You Start Your Next Diet…

“I tried this diet one time and it worked so well…”

That’s a sentence I’ve heard many times from women who are still looking for another diet or way to lose weight or get fit.

My follow up question is always, “well then why aren’t you doing it? Why are you now needing help if it worked?

Their answer usually goes along the lines of “it’s too hard to do again”, “I don’t respond to it anymore” or “I just can’t seem to stick to it”.

So in the hopes of helping women get out of this harmful cycle, because it is harmful, I decided to do an episode on some things to think about before starting your next diet. (You can listen here)

Really quick, what’s important to understand about going in and out of these diets is that every time you repeat that cycle you are putting your body in a more stressed state. You stress on the way to being unhealthy when you neglect your health, your body, your hormones. Then you stress it again by putting it through a diet that causes some havoc in your body too.

You’ve probably been through this cycle multiple times and and you’ll see that with each cycle, your body gets less flexible and responsive. It gets a bit harder and so if you haven’t already reached a point where your body just no longer responds, it eventually will or it will succumb to that stress a different way.

This is in a way an abusive relationship that you have with your body and some of us have been doing this for years and years and wondering why it doesn’t work for us anymore or why we feel like crap.

So here’s a few things I suggest before going into another diet and a lot of it has to do with working on your mindset behind your diet.

1. Know your purpose and intention for the diet.

If your purpose for the diet is to cut extremely fast, well then adjust your expectations to not be  able to maintain a diet like that forever and don’t get so down on yourself when you can’t stick to it. If your purpose behind it is to find a way to eat well forever in a way that provides balance, happiness and health then manage your expectations that it’s not going to make you drop all your body fat in 2 weeks. I think many of us are being very unreasonable with what we sign up for and we therefore set ourselves up for failure and just an unhappy time that way.

2. Realise that you need these 3 things for it to work.

You need to be able to sustain it, get reasonable and healthy results (not all the results we want are healthy or reasonable) and you have to enjoy it! If we can’t sustain it, then more than likely we are working against our bodies instead of with it and if you don’t enjoy it and you’re miserable and tired then you won’t stick to it!

(I give further insight on how not to be an asshole to yourself in the podcast)

3. Start thinking big picture.

Before diving into a diet again, ask yourself if this is something you can ease into ad break down into steps instead of jumping into an extreme program. Ask if it is a way you could live for the rest of your life or the next year to 5 years.

(More ways to not be an asshole here in the podcast as well)

4. It’s okay to mix and match.

There’s so many templates out there for diets right now and some of us are not lucky enough to have a perfect template given to us. So know that it’s okay to mix and match diets. Meaning if one part works for you but another doesn’t then create YOUR diet and create boundaries around your diet (yes, because people will try and tell you how wrong you are!)

5. Don’t make quick promises.

Learn to pause and take a second before diving into a program again and “promising” to yourself that you’ll stick to it this time. This mentality has probably got us into trouble more than once. The intention is not trouble, but the approach can be.

Your health shouldn’t be full of quick fixes but instead real change that takes time. So stop treating your diet as a summer fling and start treating it like a marriage.

I hope this post brings up some thoughts on where you can improve or adjust your approach for better health and consistency. If you have more questions I’d be happy to answer them on Instagram or in my Closed Facebook Group for women, The Good Curves Club.

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