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Why Everyone Needs a Personal Brand with Danielle Bailey

Cari Li interviews Danielle Bailey from Sydney, Australia who lives with her partner, two children, and French Bulldog. She shares about her powerful story of going through teen pregnancy, going out and getting a job after 7 years of staying at home with the kids, leaving her old partner and going from working very long hours away from her kids at the gym to creating an online business for herself that provided her more autonomy. Now Danielle focuses her time as a speaker and coach to female entrepreneurs with a driver to help them create autonomy by integrating passion into their life.




00:00 – Episode Introduction about Danielle Bailey by Cari.


02:37 – Cari introduces Danielle Bailey and she talks a bit about herself and what she does especially in regards to her branding business where she helps women create strong brands for themselves.


05:35 – Danielle talks about her tumultuous childhood leading up to when she got pregnant during her teenage years and how it was a lifesaver for her since it forced her down a different path away from self-destruction.


10:00 – Danielle’s transition into the fitness world starting with unhealthy weight loss and then going on to weight training and bodybuilding.


11:24 – The breaking down and end of Danielle’s 7 year relationship with her ex and her immense struggle to become independent and be able to take care of her kids after the separation.


16:52 – How Danielle met her current partner who helped mentor and push her to improve her work as a personal trainer and eventually after lots of hard work and perseverance she started her own online business so that she could have more time with her kids.  


22:47 – Quick Intermission: Join The Good Curves Podcast closed Facebook group if you enjoy these topics and want to continue the conversation with your personal insights, experiences and questions in a safe space with a diverse community of women, willing to have uncomfortable conversations, respectfully.


22:59 – Danielle talks about the basics of branding; who it is for, why it might be beneficial and that it is not just about business; it can be very introspective. They also discuss the challenges of putting yourself out there and dealing with the different kinds of feedback.


34:34 – Cari asks Danielle: What if the feedback we hear is not something we feel matches up with our own perceptions?


38:46 – TGC’s final closing question for Danielle.


39:57 – Thank you to Danielle for sharing her amazing story and inspiring us to believe that we can achieve anything with determination and courage.


40:54 – Closing credits and social media links


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