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Sex and Leadership with Missy Garcia

Cari interviews Missy Garcia, a Sex and Leadership Coach, who guides women into reclaiming their sexuality. 

She explains how her practices has helped her and her clients elevate in their personal life, career and even helped with avoiding repetitive burnout.

 An important subject that is often avoided, uncomfortable and sometimes taboo is explored in this episode on The Good Curves.

In this episode:


  • How a two week vacation in New Zealand turned into a whole new life in another country.
  • How Missy became a Sex and Leadership Coach
  • Her experience of how her sexual trauma impacted how she showed up in all areas of her life.
  • How reclaiming her sexuality changed everything.
  • Why owning your sexuality is important, especially for female entrepreneurs.
  • How self-pleasure practices can be a
    useful tool for women.
  • Missy shares her 7- Day Practice that you can access for free – > 
  • Why you should check in with your pussy before making decisions.
  • Why it’s important to show your body that it is worthy.
  • How her practices stopped her from repetitive crashing and burning energetically and has her  working in alignment.
  • Missy’s answer to our closing question.  


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