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Keto Diet: 10 Common Mistakes

I’m not one who coaches the Ketogenic Diet but I know many of you will be doing it or trying it because it’s another popular trend, so I’d like to share the Top 10 mistakes I constantly see people making with this diet.

I personally didn’t want to do Keto because I couldn’t have a regular period and I didn’t want that type of lifestyle. I elaborate more in the episode but here is the summary of the episode at a glance…

1. If you’re burnt out or fatigued, it may not be the best idea.

2. Not knowing the science behind it.

3. Going too low in carbs.

4. Going too high in carbs.

5. Eating poor quality foods.

6. Not matching your workouts to your diet.

7. Not matching your lifestyle to your diet.

8. Not eating any sodium.

9. Improperly coming off the keto diet.

10. Having poor mindset / intention behind it.

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