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Conquering Acne & Asian Expectations with Daisy Jing

Cari interviews Daisy Jing, the CEO and Founder of Banish, a multi-million dollar online skincare company that started with her personal acne struggles. Today, she has over 70 million views on YouTube, is a TEDx  speaker and was awarded Forbes ’30 Under 30′ in Manufacturing with a whole list of additional outstanding accomplishments.

This episode is focused on her experience with her acne struggle and how she built her confidence. Leading her to building a powerful YouTube channel and entrepreneurship, while pushing pass the typical Asian dynamics of what is normal and expected.

In this episode we share:

  • Her experience coming from the only Asian family in her neighbourhood.
  • Her struggle with acne and the difficulty in finding solutions for her skin.
  • How she started on YouTube by sharing a video about her skin and being completely vulnerable.
  • How she removed her acne scars since Asian skin wasn’t good for laser options.
  • How to work on the inner dialogue with acne struggle.
  • How to own your imperfections.
  • How she found the confidence to share and step out of her comfort zone.
  • How she overcomes perfection by managing her focus, what she spends her energy on and using passion as a driving force.
  • How to protect yourself from social media to avoid promoting those perfectionist tendencies and comparison traps.
  • How her all natural skin care company, Banish, started.
  • More of her experience of breaking out of the Asian family expectation for a female and their reaction to YouTube and entrepreneurship.
  • Micro-needling and the Banish Starter Kit
  • Where to get more information on Banish and Daisy
  • TGC Closing Question

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