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Shamanism, Real Spirituality & Alignment with Makhosi Candiss Pitts

We have my favorite Shaman, Makhosi, on The Good Curves Podcast today and we are doing something a little special because we have a 2 Part Episode!

Today, we have part 1, where we go into her experience of becoming a Shaman and why, we get into New Age Spirituality, her definition of Purpose ( love this!), how being out of alignment and masking your feminine/ masculine energy could actually be the cause of your burnout.

All the links for this episode is below the summary, do make sure you check out her free quiz that helps you explain where you are in your Spiritual journey!

Summary of the episode:

  • How and why she became a Shaman instead of continuing with Med School
  • Her experience with endometriosis
  • How and why she pushed to have her first child while in college
  • How her health issues were resolved once she answered her calling
  • Her opinion on the trends in New Age Spirituality today and why it may be still leaving them feel disconnected.
  • Why real spirituality practice can be highly uncomfortable and testing.
  • How to spot the voice of your mind and your spirit
  • How she redefines what purpose is for others
  • Why purpose is not fully dependent on an external thing (like a job)
  • How burnout is a result of being out of alignment
  • The importance of being in alignment with your truest, authentic self.
  • How alignment can bring the abundance most of us search for.
  • She shares an example of approaching a sales call from a feminine / masculine energy.
  • How masking your feminine / masculine energy can cause burnout.
  • Information about her free quiz that shows you what stage you are at with your spiritual journey to explain how much in alignment you are in.

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