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Managing Masculine & Feminine Energy to Avoid Burnout with Makhosi Candiss Pitts

We have my friend and Master Spiritual Leader, Makhosi, on The Good Curves Podcast for part 2! So if you haven’t yet, check out part 1 over here.

In this second episode we talk a lot about masculine and feminine energies, the trouble duality can get us in and also about manifesting. This is an episode that really gets you thinking and challenges you to dive into a deeper level of spirirtual practice and being.

All the links for this episode is below the summary, do make sure you check out her free quiz that helps you explain where you are in your Spiritual journey!

Summary of the episode:

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine energy
  • How to find your “set point” between the two energies
  • Why duality is a bunch of “horse crap”
  • How to know when we are masking energies so we can avoid burnout
  • Importance having someone who can trigger you to ask the right questions to find alignment
  • The need to break out of dualistic nature
  • How she helps people manifest results successfully by NOT focusing on it
  • Why a manifestation practice is larger than just your thoughts
  • Why you may be frustrated with your manifestation practice
  • Why focus on spiritual practice should increase when you’re burnt out
  • How our bodies show signs of misalignment
  • Why she doesn’t really enjoy being labeled as a Shaman
  • She answers some questions from the audience:
    • How do you know if you are a Shaman?
    • How can women ever feel safe to trust men?
  • Her response to The Good Curves Closing Question

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