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Tapping Away Anxiety with Kyle Brown

We have my friend Kyle Brown, Coach, Author, Speaker, and Creator of FIT 365® Shakes, on The Good Curves Podcast today. 

In this episode, we learn a lot about E.F.T – Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping away Anxiety, and establishing a Core Foundation for Transformation. This is an episode that is really hands-on and brings awareness to current events and to better maneuver through this new way of life.

All the links for this episode are below the summary, including where to connect with Kyle!

Summary of the episode:

  • Managing Anxiety and Stress
  • Set apart your Inner and External World
  • How Self Love is the Core Foundation for Transformation
  • How to use E.F.T – Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping
    • Take control of our health, happiness, and wellbeing
    • Deeply & completely loving, forgiving, and accepting ourselves
    • Takes you out of flight or fight, and into rest and digest
    • Results in making more clear and conscious decisions 
    • Ability to Tapping Out Negativity
    • Ability to Tapping In Power
  • How kids react to your energy and the importance of practicing how to calm and center your energy
  • How quickly do you get back from losing your cool to a place of center   
  • The need for Vacuum Law of Prosperity in our Body 
  • How Cognitive Therapy clears some deep emotions within us
  • Identifying as an Empath and how this experience has been for you
  • How to balance homeschooling and working from home
  • Finally Tapping Session – Tapping Out Sadness / Anxiety 

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