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Code switching, Chasing Dreams and Cheating in the DMs with Jessica Legrair

An interview with Jessica Legrair from Ohio, who is now also based in LA. She shares some of her amazing life journey starting with her experience of being black growing up in a predominantly white neighbourhood in Ohio and how she really wanted to be an actress and chased her dreams all the way to LA. Recently, she made a brave decision to drop her full-time job to pursue acting and talks about her experience with that and some lessons she learned about the industry from the suicide of a cast member. Finally Cari and Jessica talk about relationships because the movie Jessica is making is based on relationships; specifically online relationships.




00:00 – Episode Introduction about Jessica Legrair by Cari.


03:50 – Cari introduces Jessica Legrair and talks about how they met in Akron University at a house party and Jessica shares a bit about her background and her family.


09:05 – Cari and Jessica discuss “Code Switching”; which is where you speak differently to different people, depending on the situation.


11:17 – Jessica goes into what she studied in college and some childhood moments that cultivated her love for showbiz and acting.


13:31 – The efforts and the journey Jessica underwent to get to LA and get to know show business and start living her dream.


16:17 – How Jessica finally quit her retail job and made the leap into full-time acting and the challenges she had to face to make that transition.


20:15 – The struggles Jessica experienced in her acting career and how it led to her making her own movie called, Offline, with the help of her faith and determination. Jessica also goes into the tragedy of how one of her cast members killed himself five days before production and what that situation taught her.  


26:53 – Quick Intermission: Join The Good Curves Podcast closed Facebook group if you enjoy these topics and want to continue the conversation with your personal insights, experiences and questions in a safe space with a diverse community of women, willing to have uncomfortable conversations, respectfully.


27:31 – Cari and Jessica talk about reaching a point in your life where you feel empty and how it feels and the challenges you face to make the jump to change your life for the better. Jessica specifically goes into how that processed changed her day-to-day life.


31:06 – Cari and Jessica discuss how your mindset plays a very important role in the thought process when you think about making huge changes in your life and approach what you really want to do.


33:45 – The next set of steps that are going to happen with Jessica’s movie Offline, the storyline of the movie and how the online theme is incredibly relevant in a lot of our lives today.


37:37 – Where do you draw the line when it comes to cheating especially with the new dimension the online world adds to relationships and how this new dimension has evolved other kinds of relationships as well.


46:37 – Thank you to Jessica for sharing her thoughts and opinions and her incredible journey of building her own dream. Also, TGC’s final closing question for her.


52:32 – Closing credits and social media links


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