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The Danger of Fitness Trends

Let’s talk about how fitness trends can be dangerous and disrespectful to your body. It is a very important topic because a lot of people are abusing their bodies to fulfill sometimes superficial goals, and in the long run it is not healthy and it really isn’t going to make them happy. For some people some of this is going to be hard to hear but keep an open mind; especially to why it makes you feel uneasy and who knows what you might uncover or learn about yourself and your body.


Outline/Key points:


(02:08) My back story of the time when I had my burnout and how everything in fitness shifted for me and why.


(03:56) Some questions and points I want to bring up to address the issue of people getting lost in the fitness industry amidst the different trends and diets that are out there. Are your fitness goals truly your goals or are you following a routine simply because you are told that you should?


(10:09) An general example of how some of my clients end up doing too way much in their effort to achieve their fat loss goals and how it does not fit well with their general lifestyle.


(14:57) How our own egos have a lot to do with our motivation and decision making when it comes to fitness goals.


(17:42) The different diet trends and the many potential problems that can occur when you do not check-in with your body and do the proper research before getting involved in a dieting program.


(19:29) My goal is to bring an awareness to how dangerous it can be to jump from one trend to another or even just getting into one trend that does not suit your body or lifestyle. It is so easy to get carried away with these programs when our ego is involved.


(21:47) Ask yourself if you want to be the sort of person who is driven by the expectations of society, or do you want to be a person who is driven by your own motivations.


(22:20) At the end of the day, all I am trying to say is: do not endanger yourself and be your own person.


(22:28) If you do not know already, #EM101 is my FREE Intro to Energy Management Course. We have not talked much about energy in this episode but this course makes you ask yourself so many questions about your physical health, your emotional, mental and spiritual alignment and it brings up a lot of good questions that can really help you see if what you are doing is truly in-line with who you are or if you have gotten carried away.


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